Infinity: Token effort

while I was over in Ireland Killian showed me a set of homemade tokens for Infinity created using self adhesive acrylic domes. I thought the idea was pure genius so I’ve replicated the method here.

Infinity Homemade Order Tokens

All you need are a set of card tokens (order or otherwise), these can be the ones included in the Operation Ice Storm starter, from the miniature packaging outer carton or even just printed off versions. You then need a few strips of 1″ round acrylic domes. These are often advertised for bottle cap art and crafts and are available from craft and hobby stores and of course online. A quick search should turn up plenty of options, the cheapest I found were from China and cost around £6 for a couple of hundred.

Infinity Order Tokens

If your tokens are the pre-cut card ones that come in Ice Storm (or the USAriadna Army Box as well now) then it’s just a simple case of sticking the dome over the top of the token. For any others I recommend sticking the clear dome on before cutting out to get a neater finish. Single sided as they are the tokens have a nice feel to them and are going to last a lot longer than unprotected card. Where they really look good however is when you stick two back to back to create a double-sided token. This is particularly effective with the order pool where you are constantly flipping them over when spent. That way you can have a Regular Order on one side and Irregular on the reverse meaning you don’t need to swap sets if (when) your Lieutenant buys the farm. Wound and Unconscious are another potential combo. They also feel nicer (in my humble opinion) than the ‘Made For Infinity’ official acrylic versions, which although really gorgeous do cost considerably more than these home brew versions obviously.

At the end of the day it’s whatever you like using. If I hadn’t seen this method I’d almost certainly have looked at either laminating printed versions which wouldn’t have been as nice or buying some of the order tokens in acrylic from MAS or Warsenal/Antenocitis, which of course would have been considerably more expensive and that’s a saving I can now put towards other Infinity miniatures for my Yu Jing. looks like win-win in my book.

What other great tips for Infinity play aids do you know about? Comment below and/or share this if you think it will be useful to other players.

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