Infinity Yu Jing: Celestial Guard

///Infinity Yu Jing: Celestial Guard

Not much to say about the Celestial Guard as it followed broadly the same palette as the Zhanshi with the exception of having a little more blue grey in the armour. The Celestial Guard is a fairly unremarkable light infantry compared with other faction starters as it didn’t introduce anything spectacular to the force such as TO Camo or infiltration. It is however a nice cheap option for a support troop and I occasionally deployed him as my Lieutenant when I wanted to play the Shang Ji more aggressively up front.

Infinity Yu Jing Celestial Guard

Similar to the Shang Ji I built the orange up from orange brown and scrofulous brown softening the transitions with a glaze of Vallejo Sun Yellow. The rest of the palette is a duplication of the other light infantry Zhanshi.

Infinity Yu Jing Celestial Guard Infinity Yu Jing Celestial Guard Infinity Yu Jing Celestial Guard

With the Celestial Guard added only one of the starter miniatures remains to be painted; the Domaru Butai and being white that’s a different challenge entirely.

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