Infinity Yu Jing: Shang Ji

///Infinity Yu Jing: Shang Ji

Following on from painting the three Zhanshi line troops, the next logical step for my Yu Jing starter is to get a Lietenant into the mix. So next under the brush is the first of two heavy infantry that comes as part of the set; the Shang Ji Invincible. This chap is really all about the orange armour so I do opt to use the airbrush this time to layer up the initial highlights. This method is very much in keeping with how Angel paints the studio versions for Corvus Belli and really helps gives the armour volume even before the brush edge highlights go on. Basically it saves a ton of effort which I’m always up for.
Before all that though I repeat the three primer approach I used on the Zhanshi to give me a monochromatic range of pre-highlights and shadows to help boost the colour and contrast in the base coat.

Infinity Yu Jing Shang Ji Immortal

The palette for the armour is based on the one Angel generously shares via his Facebook page and consists of an Orange Brown base highlighted with Scrofulous Brown and White. Cavalry Brown and it’s wonderful warm red is used for the shading. I start by applying a straight base of the orange brown over all the armour. For the first highlight I mixed around 30/70 orange brown to Scrofulous Brown. The second highlight was only applied to the upper armour sections where I wanted the greatest reflection and consisted of 70 white to 30 of the previous highlight. For the shading I mixed 30 orange brown base to 70 cavalry grown. Finally, to soften the transitions and the top highlight  I applied a thin glaze of Sun Yellow to all of the armour.

Infinity Yu Jing Shang Ji Immortal Infinity Yu Jing Shang Ji Immortal Infinity Yu Jing Shang Ji Immortal

The majority of the rest of the figure consists of the flexible under suit/ribbed musculature that the armour sits on. Rather than block paint I utilised the contrast from the primer stage to apply thin glazes of cold grey to build up the colour. This was given a final highlight of thin Celestra Grey before applying a blue/black glaze to smooth out the transitions and intensify the shadows in the ribbing. Similar to the Zhanshi the gun was given several thin coats of cold grey and black to build up the base colour before highlighting with pure cold grey. A thin purple glaze was applied at the very end to add a warm tone.

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