Learning Infinity – Part Two

///Learning Infinity – Part Two

Part two and the final post summing up the Beasts of War Infinity Boot Camp.

Friday and Saturday were all about the set up, hobby and learning how Infinity works. It was also a fair bit of eating, drinking and generally kicking back with a bunch of sound fellas who are just as into pushing wee soldiers about as I am. So a pretty good weekend when you look at it like that. Sunday however got serious as the game-faces came out. There were prizes at stake…proper prizes. Fortunately this wasn’t a 40K GT so when all was said and done the final two games of the weekend were really about putting into practice everything learned throughout the Saturday with the added bonus of including the TAG. Oh yes, the Guijia was out for revenge after the previous night’s ignominious Arena performance.

BoW Infinity Boot Camp BoW Infinity Boot Camp

Game one turned out to be the best of the weekend and was against Matt who also went with Yu Jing so I considered the matter of house honour to be at stake. Or a training exercise if you prefer. The table was also the Micro Art Studio urban zone I’d most wanted to battle over at some stage so I could really get a feel for the quality of their buildings. It was also a great looking table with narrow streets and planters. I’d opted to switch the Lieutenant to my Celestial Guard who was safely (so I thought) on a balcony with good cover and line of sight and supported by two of the line troops at street level below. The plan was to play a lot more aggressively pushing to flank with the Shang Ji heavy whilst the Guijia and Domaru held down the middle. I lost a structure point to Matt’s TAG sprinting across the main street, but it was worth it as it put me in a good position to parallel the Shang Ji advance and provide AROs. As it happened this was needed as Matt’s Shang Ji countered me as I sniped one of his line troops forcing a wound. Matt’s Lt pounced in return finishing off my heavy who unusually failed his armour roll, but in moving up his Zhanshi to support he left his Lieutenant vulnerable to my TAG which took revenge the following round. Things pretty much headed south after that for my Yu Jing opposition after I gambled with the Guijia to spend my last regular order trading blows with his TAG. It paid off and I rolled solid hits which Matt’s Guijia unluckily failed all it’s armour rolls and down it went. The following turn he managed to take out my Celestial Guard Lieutenant, but by then the Guijia had mopped up his Celestial Guard and another line troop as way of recompense, so by the time I’d chosen a new leader I had clear advantage in both position, available orders and firepower, a situation made even worse for Matt when his Domaru killed one of my Zhanshi and became ‘impetuous‘ robbing her of any cover. The end result was inevitable.

I’m very quickly learning Infinity can turn on you literally that fast as I really felt Matt had the initiative after the first round having eliminated my Shang Ji and wounded the TAG, but i’m also learning aggressive play has its own rewards. The dice also played a big part as I made more than my fair share of crits when I needed them and my opponent was unlucky with unfavourable armour saves. This was nothing though to the fortunes of Game Two.

Back in the jungle, your luck can change that fast…

BoW Infinity Boot Camp BoW Infinity Boot Camp

I was up against the likeable Damian again in the second match on my least favourite environment; the wrong-side-of-the-river board. I was also up against my nemesis the Ariadna whom I only narrowly defeated last time before Michael’s squad dismantled me. It was going to be the nightmare of camo mines, Veteran Kazaks with mimetism and twin boarding shotgun Highlanders all over again only this time with the added bonus of a ‘Panzerfaust’ packing TAG. I set up far too conservatively to counter not realising I couldn’t use the flamer into the Highlander’s smoke marker (another lesson learned). The only high point for me was putting down the Ariadna TAG. My Guijia had to take two Panzerfaust rounds to the face, but that armour 8 plus cover really made the Yu Jing TAG a tough hombre at range, even more so when I was getting the bonus from the burst (5) HMG. And then just like that the dice God was offended by my sudden uncertainty. With the TAG down I looked to take the Veteran Kazak out if I could using the TAG to open up a route across the river for my Domaru. I poured order after order into the Kazak, but every time I critted and piled on extra hits, he nullified with an ARO crit of his own. One dice against five. Three times in a row. Even when I did get through the pesky Russian heavy troop critted the armour save. The rest of my team melted away shortly after that with no answer to the multiple mines the Chasseur had casually placed in my half (kept failing on the discover check. I had a 50/50 chance but couldn’t even roll that!). The coup de grace came of course from the Veteran Kazak who one-shotted my Domaru from across the battlefield. Game over and another humiliating mauling from the Ariadna who have some awesome abilities. On the plus side countering all those special abilities has given me a real challenge to chase so I shall be sending my Yu Jing off to hit the text books and come up with some tactics.

Before I sign off with a few final thought’s on the weekend, here’s another look at some of the superb tables that Warren and the guys pulled together.

This was only the third Boot Camp Beasts of War have done, the first two being for Dropzone Commander and Bolt Action. Some of you reading this may have also followed the live blog from the  previous events as I did and I have to say having attended one now the coverage barely scratches the surface how thoroughly full-on and jam-packed the two-and-a-half days are. As a way of getting into a new gaming system I can’t think of an equivalent as good as this anywhere else. Considering I knew nothing about how Infinity plays at the start of the weekend I’ve now:

  • Assembled my first starter force
  • Had a free TAG thrown in for good measure
  • Received a nice Mototronica terrain pack as another surprise bonus so I can carry on at home.
  • Learned how to use the faction of my choice within several escalating games throughout Saturday and Sunday against a range of opponents and factions in a variety of battlefields.
  • Had the benefit of not only Carlos’s advice, guidance and help throughout, but also that of Killian who I have to say deserves the biggest shout-out of all for the guy is an absolute legend. His enthusiasm for and knowledge of the game is vast and the amount of his own personal time and energy he invested into the event unstinting. I don’t think Killian stopped dashing from one end to the other for three days solidly and looked spent by the end of Sunday afternoon when I trooped back to Belfast to fly home. If you’re reading this Killian a massive thank you! Especially for the tip about the acrylic domes.
  • Already decided where I want to go next with the hobby as far as Infinity is concerned and set myself the task of getting the Yu Jing starter painted as a priority while the motivation is there.
  • But most importantly of all I got to know a whole bunch of great people I didn’t know before the Boot Camp and will be sure to stay in touch with via the Beasts of War ‘Green Room’. Matt, Gerry, Dougie, Johnathan, John, Sam, Paddy, Damian, Michael, Rasmus (and everyone else) cheers for the ‘craik’ fellas.

Now I’m back in the workshop I shall be making use of my new found Infinity-foo to push on the painting again. I’ve even cleared the top shelf of the cabinet ready so it must be serious.

Next time: Painting up the Yu Jing starter set.


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  1. Gerry July 5, 2015 at 6:37 pm - Reply

    Great stuff matey, it was a pleasure meeting you and the other fellas as well.
    alas I ended up having to cover night shift last week so I’ve not even finished cleaning my Japanese Sectorial yet, that will be the mission for this week. Having seen the American Adriana starter with it’s own buildings I may get it as one of the other 2 factions to force my mates into playing, have you seen the preview video yet yourself?

    • Carl Woodrow July 5, 2015 at 6:51 pm - Reply

      Thanks Gerry, likewise mate.
      Yeah, I’ve seen the USAriadna preview. It wasn’t what I expected as I’d assumed (incorrectly) it was going to just be a new ‘starter set’ as opposed to an army box with the additional heavy troops, recon and Antipodes plus terrain. Looks good. Not a force I’m going for but my regular gaming buddy has just picked up the Ariadna starter so may be of more interest to him further down the road.
      I’ve been lucky with the painting time so all being well should have a new post up later this evening showing the start of my Yu Jing painting; the Zhanshi line troops.

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