A pox on HM Customs and UPS

Why oh why is the excitement of receiving a parcel always tempered by the knowledge that before you can get your sweaty palms on its shiny contents (in this instance 1000 Neodymium magnets) you are effectively robbed at virtual gunpoint by the foetid spawn of Chaos; HM Customs and Excise and it’s henchman UPS? Such was my ill-deserved fate this morning when I spied the dreaded yellow ‘Cash on Delivery’ label stuck to the outside of the box leering at me like some kind of festering boil!
I don’t really object to paying duty on the things I order from the US, I mean, I do get some things an awful lot cheaper than I do in the UK. Thats a fair trade off in my book. What really gets my back up though is the ‘brokerage fee’ of an additional 11.00 pounds sterling (approximately 18 US Dollars) that UPS feel the need to tag on to the bill like they have done something really clever on my behalf and should be rewarded with a treat. God bless the US Postal Service and the Royal Mail I say, at least they don’t demand more than their fair share of human flesh.

I didn’t let that sour my day totally though and even though the rain stopped me from spraying anything new terrain wise, I did find some time this evening to continue with the first wave of Necron warriors and Scarabs.

I should point out also that the War of the Ring movement trays are purely for show and ease of moving them around, not as a recommendation for how they should be fielded. Although that said, I do find I quite like how they look lined up all neat like that, it seems very Necron ‘Phallanx’ to me. Only the first couple of rows are finished, the second block at the back still need the detailing completing.
The high gloss finish on the faces only is a conscious decision and is one of the key visual themes for the army as a whole. I purposely wanted to contrast between the slightly darker, duller and weathered appearance of the living metal and a very pure, clean and almost flawless perfection of their faces. By only doing the top half of the face this way and leaving the lower jaw as metal, I felt it gave them an almost sinister skull mask visage. If I find that the overall appearance of the army is a bit too stark with all the white faces as I add more units in, I may well look to ‘chip back’ some of the faces with charadon granite, or add a little weathering. But I will leave that as a fall back plan only in case the overall theme doesn’t pan out the way I envisaged.
I also haven’t added any other detailing to the bases such as flock or static grasses. These I prefer to do at the very end to the army as a whole all at the same time.

Hopefully I can get a few more done throughout the week in-between bursts of terrain painting. Until then, have a great week.

PS: In case I didn’t mention – A pox on UPS and their warp-tainted ways!


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