Epic Eldar Phantom Titan

Four short evenings after dunking that old Epic Phantom Titan into the paint stripper I find myself with a completely refurbished War Engine sporting a new livery. Which is nice considering it was something of a spur of the moment project. I’ve always meant to revisit the Eldar Titans at some stage as I haven’t in all honesty painted any since doing the ones for the Swordwind Supplement around ten years ago. This gave me the opportunity to change a couple of things I would have done differently if I was doing them again, in particular the palette.
When I painted the Phantom and Revenants, the brief was to strongly theme them for Biel-Tan to match the content of the book. In hindsight I don’t really think this did them justice, restricting the palette to just green and bone-white. Within a Craftworld the War Engines are structured around a ‘clan’ concept which leaves them open to a bit of variety in the palette and something I wanted to take advantage of in the re-paint.

Dipping back into the old “Codex Titanicus” supplement I found a lovely weapon banner for the Fir Farillecassion (Watchers over Ancient Wrongs) who were the clan for Biel-Tan. The original colour-scheme for Farillecassion was a yellow-bone with black metal edging and trim. This clashed too much with the current green and white of Biel-Tan and I’m also not a fan of using metallics on the Eldar other than in minimal amounts and selectively. Metal is a rare commodity for the Craftworld Eldar as most of their tech is supposedly constructed (grown) from Wraithbone. In the end I settled on adding a cooling blue into the mix in the form of a turquoise for the wings which would feather to near pure white at the edges similar to the wings of the Swooping Hawks. For the spot colour I kept red for the face mask and feet, but pushed it into a warmer orange by starting with a cavalry brown and using Vallejo Game ‘Scrofulous Brown’ for the highlights which is a fantastic colour for highlighting orange with. As I mentioned in the previous workbench post I used Vallejo Model Colour Hull Red for the hard shading which I think really pumps up the contrast and is rapidly becoming one of my favourite colours for its flexibility.

The Phantom, or Finnadan, is the most common class of Eldar Titan. As its name suggests, the Phantom is fast-moving and very agile, embodying the Eldar military philosophy which prefers speed and mobility to heavy armour ~ Codex Titanicus

For a quick three or so evenings on the workbench I’m fairly happy with the final appearance. I need to make a few final corrections to the bone here and there to neaten it up, tidy up the banner attachment points a bit so they are more weathered in and less ‘white’ and of course gloss varnish all the spirit stones. What it does do though is set the tone for the rest of the War Engines as I can reverse the green and bone in the palette for the next one whilst retaining the wing colours to help unify them, the same with the smaller Revenants.

Since consigning this Titan to the ‘dip’ I did manage to locate enough salvageable parts from some old wrecks to potentially restore and resurrect a further two Phantoms, which would be very nice indeed. Maybe this is just the motivation I need to start that Eldar force I’ve been meaning to do all these years after all. We shall see.

Either way, it was nice to see the old miniature and it’s sad old paint-job transformed anew. Just goes to show you should never throw anything away, no matter how battered it looks and that goes doubly for first edition Epic.

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