On the Workbench – Week 25

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Another eclectic, but productive mix over the weekend with miniatures from Battlefront, 4Ground, Fantasy Flight and even some very old 1st edition Epic from Games Workshop. I don’t often get a chance to put in a serious hobby-session over the course of a weekend, but as it was the ’24 Heures du Mans’ and I’m a huge fan of the iconic event I fancied putting in an equally long stint or two whilst enjoying watching Porsche take the fight to Audi. Another factor was the weather which impacted my plans to varnish the Tablescape tiles I was working on so I had time spare to just pick things I wanted (needed) to be painting instead.

FFG Star Wars Armada X-Wings

Starting with the smallest first, I have a game of ‘Armada’ coming up imminently so I really needed to finish painting the last of the Rebel X-Wing squadrons to go with the TIE squadrons I did a few weeks back. I’ll put together a “How to” describing the approach I took, which is just my own personal take on it in due course, but at least now I’m pretty much game ready to give Armada a try which I’m really quite looking forward to.

Flames of War Portee

On the Flames of War front I’ve been staring at the first of a pair of Six-Pounder ‘Portees’ for my Australian forces for a few weeks now, so I used the downtime during drying or paint stripping to give it a basecoat and initial hard-highlight. I’ll do some post shading next to give it a bit of depth, but most of the tones will come from the weathering the same as I did for the Honey Stuarts. Just like the Stuarts this is more of a side project so I’ll just keep chipping away at it (no pun intended) during breaks.

4Ground 10mm Buildings

I’m also slowly but steadily working my way through the stack of 4Ground buildings for Dropzone Commander, putting together another pair Saturday night. These two are the last of the standard buildings taking my fledgeling city centre to nine structures currently. This means only two are left to be assembled and those are the fantastic (and huge) office buildings. I left those until the end in order to keep me honest, assembling all of the residential blocks first.

Epic Eldar Phantom Titan WIP

Finally, there’s the Phantom Titan for Epic. You’ll have seen from the previous post that I’m hoping to give it a new lease of life with a brand new paint scheme. After stripping the original twenty year old paint away and applying some restorative maintenance it was ready to be re-primed and spend some quality time back on the painting station.

Epic Eldar Phantom Titan WIP

One of the first tasks was to give the War Engine a brand new base as its previous one had to be completely trashed in order to safely salvage the legs and feet. The latter were attached to a new base and re-textured so they could be painted separately.

Epic Eldar Phantom Titan WIP

At the time of writing the Phantom is almost complete and just needs a few finishing touches, varnishing and of course a banner sorted out for the Pulse cannon. The photos shown here are probably a stage or two behind where things are now. Once The last few tasks are complete and I’m happy with it I’ll be sure to add it to the gallery along with any details regarding the palette. I think this is the first Epic scale miniature or War Engine I’ve painted since probably the Ultramarines at the end of 2012, but I have to admit it was really nice to return back to my favourite scale and theme once again, even if it was only a single Eldar War Engine. That being said, I did casually drop one or two more items into the ‘Dettol’ bath on Saturday night and strangely enough after a good clean and scrub I have two more mini project bags sat on the workbench looking for a bit of attention. I wonder what’s in those?


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  1. Iain June 15, 2015 at 4:10 am - Reply

    I love the fact that the Epic stuff is the BIGGEST that you have been painting last weekend. And, wow, those are some old Eldar Warp Hunters (?) and Prism Cannons! I really should hunt down a Phantom of my own. Its not only one of the oldest GW (which, although no longer available, hasnt been replaced!) but also one of the best GW have every produced in my eyes, at any scale for any game. Its iconic.

    • Carl Woodrow June 15, 2015 at 8:17 am - Reply

      Cheers mate. Yeah iconic is a word that really does suit the Phantom. I remember the various attempts in Epic to come up with a revision. In the end re-releasing the original just went to show how good the first design was; it had such a distinctive silhouette. In that respect it has to be the oldest miniature in Games Workshop’s history to remain in production. Albeit with a somewhat lengthy hiatus in the middle 🙂

      • Zedmeister June 15, 2015 at 8:49 pm - Reply

        It was always available as part of the much missed bitz service though from what I remember.

        Really nice work though. Some very nice shading of the torso, really rich bone like colour

        • Carl Woodrow June 15, 2015 at 11:20 pm - Reply

          Cheers 🙂
          All things being equal I should finish up the last few details shortly.

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