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I have started migrating across some of the legacy content from the Dropship website and the first candidate happened to be my old Babylon 5 miniatures. Mongoose Publishing ceased production and support of the Babylon 5 range after opting to not renew the licence a few years back, however the ‘A Call to Arms’ ruleset is still very much alive and well worth a look at if you have never played a skirmish fleet action game before. Currently the latest edition of the rules are wrapped around the ‘Fading Suns RPG’ background and has recently been relaunched with a new range of miniatures based on Noble Armada. Back to Babylon 5 however and liking the game as I did I invested in a fair few of the fleets/miniatures before they were discontinued which gives me a healthy collection to draw upon for a few years to come yet hopefully, as well as maybe get the odd friend or two into a few games.

I initially made a start on three of the races, including two of the key protagonists, the Narn and Centauri above. Both fleets were taken to around five raid points in size (a size roughly the equivalent of a 1500 point 40K game in tournament terms), so you can see not that many miniatures are required for a decent sized game of A Call to Arms making it quite a cheap game to get into, but still scalable for larger fleet games without slowing things down noticably.

The third fleet, to round things of was of course the Earth Alliance, it just wouldn’t be Babylon 5 without some of the iconic EAS ships such as the Hyperion or Star Furies to push around the table.

All of these I have covered in a lot more detail, including the colour palette and techniques in the individual fleet pages I translated across from Dropship. You can delve a little deeper and see individual photos of some of the miniatures following the main ‘miniatures’ menu at the top of the blog and I will certainly be adding to these galleries in the future as well as introducing new fleets to the range such as the Mimbari and League Worlds as well as the enigmatic Shadows.

I was a little disappointed the commercial numbers just didn’t stack up for Mongoose to allow them to continue with the Babylon 5 licence as it really was (and still is) a great product. The irony was it was only at the very end when the plug was being pulled that the surge of interest from collectors with last minute orders really demonstrated just how popular the game and range really was. I am sure Noble Armada will do well, but for me the background just doesn’t have the same instant appeal to it as J-Michael Straczynski’s universe and so for the time being I will be sticking with the miniatures I have.

For now though, it is back to painting up Saruman for my next battle in Lord of the Rings and adding the finishing weathering touches to the Ultramarines Dreadnought. Have a great week.

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