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It’s Easter weekend so that’s an extra two whole days I can sneak off into the man cave for as predictably in the UK the bank holiday weekend weather is dismal and grey. No surprises there then. With no BBQ in sight I’ve been pressing on with more units for Dropzone Commander, this time another heavy armour unit for the Scourge, some unpleasant razor worm infantry, a Commander for the Shaltari and finally some UCM! It’s only a palette test to try out a digital-camo scheme on a resin version of a Bear APC, but so far I’m liking how its turning out. I can see it contrasting really nicely with the orange and black of the Shaltari particularly well, so should look great on the tabletop.

It’s the tabletop I’m going to talk about today though as I’ve also been steadily working my way through another couple of the 4Ground HDF 10mm scale building kits the past couple of weeks. Each time I open up another one of 4Ground’s packs I’m impressed by the attention of detail they put into them. It isn’t just the finished result, but the small things that make such a difference. Things like including rubber bands and wooden pegs inside the bigger kits to help with the assembly. The numbering of the sheets, parts and the full colour step by step instructions. They even include tiny tools on the frames to help remove excess laser-cut filler in the smaller details should it still be in place.

Since I showed the first couple of buildings over the winter I have increased the second building by another three sections; one lower and two upper. These building specific add-on packs can either be purchased separately, or as part of a more cost-effective bundled kit to make one (or two) larger versions. The end result is a shade taller than the tallest of the card buildings in the DZC two-player starter set at around 10″ (25cm) in height.

In addition to pumping up the skyline of the municipal building, I also constructed an additional four more modest medium and small structures. These also came as bundled sets, each containing two different buildings with one of them including an aforementioned expansion pack. Construction does require a degree of delicate dexterity, especially when it comes to adding all of the windows and lintels and a huge amount of patience as construction is a steady but time-consuming affair.

I have to confess I really love what 4Ground are doing with these kits and although they are clearly not as cheap as the card stock versions Hawk Wargames produce, they are in my opinion absolutely worth getting. They mix surprisingly well with the card stock buildings, so you can always replace the card versions in increments a building at a time when you can afford one, or mix them in to create an even bigger urban environment.

With six now completed I have four remaining to tackle including the massive bank. Since these were produced 4Ground have gone on to add brightly painted contemporary ‘hab’ blocks and a stunning Monorail station which unsurprisingly integrates very nicely with Hawk’s own Monorail terrain expansion set. I would love to add these to the collection at some stage in the future as a second wave, but first I need to complete the remaining structures and start working on the table itself.

Right, that’s coffee break over and enough about buildings; back to working on that APC. If you’re interested in more up to date progress in addition to these blog posts then I do also post images and comments incrementally straight from the workshop on my Google+ page from time to time. As the next post will be more Star Wars: Imperial Assault centric the G+ page will also be a good way to see how the rest of the Dropzone stuff is progressing prior to me posting it here.

Until then, have a great Easter!


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