Scourge Slayers

These weren’t part of the plan for last weekend, however the Scourge are so easy to paint method wise they’re one of those projects you can really easily just slip into any painting session whilst held up waiting for other stuff to dry/cure/set. The other ‘stuff’ in this instance was an AT-ST for Imperial Assault, but that’s a story for another night. The Scourge Slayers are part of the first wave of reinforcements for my fledgeling Scourge invasion force and help plug a gap in my heavy armour much in the same way the Caiman has for the Shaltari.

I followed exactly the same method I did for the rest of the force with one minor change and that was to weight the balance towards the blue end of the palette rather than the red by using blue and black washes a bit more. Other than providing a subtle contrast with the previous Scourge tanks in the starter set, it also gives the Scourge ‘Heavy Tanks’ a more sinister overall appearance in my humble opinion.

The rest of the process was the same however and if you followed my earlier Scourge posts you’ll know it was based on the superb palette created by Pezzapoo which you can see more of here.

After a quick clean (very little required for these resin miniatures) I magnetised the turrets and primed in white. The first two stages consisted of a simple all-over wash of GW Seraphim Sepia followed by a more selective wash of the same to darken areas of the detailing and create shading. A light dry-brush of GW Ushabti Bone then brought all the detail back to the foreground and created highlights.


After that it was just a case of applying various red, blue and black washes to the detailing to create colour shifts and contrast. Once fully dried a second very light dry-brush of bone helps smooth out and soften the transitions. Red Glaze helped provide the spot colour to the guns and like I did with the rest of the Scourge I gave the ‘eye’ sensors a blue ink wash before highlighting in electric blue and white. Once I had given the tanks a protective coat of Klear followed by a matt finish with Army Painter Anti-Shine, I finished the sensors with a tab of high gloss acrylic varnish to give them a nice ‘glassy’ look.

I have a few more Scourge reinforcements coming to play around, including a detachment of rather unpleasant Razorworms and a pair of Gunships so plenty to work on yet. Whilst I wait for those to arrive however I’ll carry on putting together more of 4Ground’s superb laser-cut HDF buildings to keep building up the city. Technically, these are extensions to an existing building, but I really like how 4Ground are making these add-on kits which provide even more flexibility for how tall or short to make the kits. It’s just another well thought attention to detail.

In the next update I’ll bring things up to date with what stage the Fantasy Flight Games Imperial Assault miniatures are at (Shouldn’t come as a surprise if you have been following my Google+ page), along with plans for the next steps.

Until then, have fun.


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