Shaltari Caiman

It’s been something of a weekend of two halves as both Imperial Assault and Dropzone Commander have been trading time on the painting station. As a result I’m going to split this weeks posts into a series of smaller updates starting with the Shaltari Caiman Heavy Grav Tank for Dropzone. I mentioned in the last post how I’ve been following the Studio palette for the Shaltari and making heavy use of Baal red wash over a yellow basecoat and nowhere is the effect better demonstrated than on the ‘Caiman’ with it’s large surface area.

The Shaltari are slightly different to the other races in that they use ‘gates’ rather than dropships, so from a modelling perspective you don’t have the ability to actually carry the vehicles around like you do with the Scourge, UCM or PHR. So no clever use of magnets required. That said, I did shave the peg on the turret down a little in order to add magnets so I had a nice secure fit when moving the miniature about during gaming, but still allow me to rotate and re-position the main gun purely as an aesthetic.

I could have added a little more detailing here and there in metallic, except I actually liked the unfussy look of a simple finish. There is also the matter of most of the stern spot details being hidden underneath that massive main gun so there’s not a huge benefit in investing too much time working on the tiny details if you aren’t using it for a display piece.

Tomorrow’s post will be Scourge related. I’d have included it with the Caiman here except there are still one or two details to finish off so a delay of one night is no real shakes.

Until then, have fun.



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  1. Carl Woodrow March 18, 2015 at 8:39 pm - Reply

    Thanks man.

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