Prowlers and Intruders

Sticking with the theme of the Scourge for now I’ve been getting on with the reinforcements. Prowlers packs are the smallest of the Scourge vehicles and are deployed slung underneath Intruder Beta light dropships to perform forward scouting and anti-armour ambush roles. As with the rest of the forces they were painted using layers of sepia, red and blue washes blended with bone and pale yellow drybrushing. The eye sensors were painted in a regal blue with highlighting and given two coats of  gloss varnish to make them stand out much in the same way you would for sensor lens glass or gemstones.

Each of the tiny Prowlers was fitted with a small 2mm x 1mm magnet in the top, as were the lift points on the Intruders (taking care to ensure all magnets were oriented properly across both dropships and all eight Prowlers!). This allows the Intruders to actually carry the Prowlers into battle when being deployed or exfiltrated and is in my view one of the nicest features of Dropzone Commander. Dave Lewis’ attention to detail is the design really is a great selling point and probably non more so than in the UCM and how amazingly the Bear APCs and tanks clip underneath the Condor Dropships. More on those at a later date when I pluck up the courage to actually paint them.

In the meantime however, the Prowlers and Intruder Beta have been my favourite Scourge unit to date, so I’m going to press on and add a commander to the force now along with some aircraft. I also finished putting together the second of the 4Ground HDF buildings as well, so will include that in the next update also.

Until then, have a great week.


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