Autumn plans ahoy

//Autumn plans ahoy

Things have been in a bit of an uproar the last couple of weeks, so actual painting time has been non-existent to put it bluntly. Thankfully that should change this weekend as I seek a little sanctuary in the workshop from the pandemonium without. The primary protagonists are a pair of kittens we’ve given a home to after they were rescued from a house along with their siblings. If you are a follower of my infrequent blogging you probably know our companion of the past ten or so years sadly had to be put to sleep after a fight with cancer. This left something of a void in the house the past couple of months, which the new arrivals have rapidly expanded to fill (not literally obviously). Although something of a handful, the two are a welcome distraction and getting them settled into their new home has been a bit more important than painting toy soldiers the past several days.


That said, now that they are starting to settle into a routing (albeit a high-energy and destructive routine!) thoughts naturally turn to what’s next on the painting schedule.

Foremost is finishing the final two Panzer IVs for a forthcoming 1750 point game this weekend. I also had a couple of platoons of Battlefront’s recent plastic Panzergrenadiers as well as a Ju-87 well underway just before the kittens arrived, so these have been finished off and varnished at the same time. I don’t need them for the upcoming game, but it was nice to get them completed. After that, I’ve left the best until last; my two favourite platoons. The wonderfully iconic Flak 88 and a trio of big cat Jagdpanthers. Expect both of those to be the focus of my attention during the first weeks of November.


incidentally, the Ju-87 is the German ace Hans-Ulrich Rudel ‘Kannonen’ version. I would love to deploy it against Steve’s Russians over the weekend, especially as the vanilla 87G caused him so much distress last time. Luckily for him Rudel isn’t on my list.

Things may have been quiet on the painting front as a result of the kittens, however that hasn’t stopped the Monday night gaming, or the post for that matter. Although there we skipped a game due to me being away at an event, last week we swapped sides so that he could try out his ‘varsity’ squadron (his term) of Howlrunner, Backstabber, Winged Gundark, Dark Curse and Mauler Mithel. I opted for a pair of X-Wings piloted by Wedge and Biggs, backed up by Dutch vander in a Y-Wing with ion turret. The plan was naturally to position Biggs as a fire magnet using the extra agility his Astromech granted and free focus from Wedge. Wedge would act as my principal damage dealer and Dutch interference by using the ion turret to break up Kev’s formations. Suffice to say it didn’t pan out that way as Wedge quite literally nailed empty space all evening (sometimes my dice rolling beggars belief!). This was thankfully mitigated by the Y-Wing seriously messing up Dark Curse and Mauler Mithel with ion fire. In the end it was the narrowest of victories for the Rebels, in fact more what in hindsight I would call a draw. this weeks game was a much more cut and thrust affair pitching Vader’s TIE Advanced, a Bomber and two TIE’s against Luke, Biggs and a Blue Squadron B-Wing and a clearer Imperial points victory this time. We are getting a lot of mileage out of X-Wing that’s for sure so maybe it’s time I start thinking about adding a few extra paint flourishes to those rebel ships.

At the time of writing Infinity has finally turned up “huzzah!”. Delayed slightly by huge demand for the Operation Ice Storm two player starter set I finally have my sticky paws on it, the Limited Edition pre-order figure and four sets of the recommended reinforcements; two for each side. I’ll be sure to let you know what I think once I find time to crack it open and bury myself in the rules. Deadzone and Dreadball haven’t been abandoned either as I’m still steadily cleaning, assembling and priming my way through the mave two and three miniature mountains. If you are particularly interested in Mantic’s minis worry not as I’ll be painting these and posting them for a good while yet.

Finally (drawing breath) word has it Secret Weapon’s Tablescape sets have landed on UK soil and are with Mantic as I type this. This means two full 4′ x 4′ sets are probably going to arrive in the not too distant future also. It seems like an eternity since I backed this Kickstarter, however I’m still confident they will be worth the wait and I’m looking forward to getting them painted for some very special games at Christmas. I won’t say any more than that.


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  1. William A. Scott October 28, 2014 at 3:33 pm - Reply

    Very nice! Rudel’s feats were amazing. I would love to get into Flames of War but I can never seem to allocate funds to it, it all goes to 40K. I did by a couple of boxes of US Winter Engineers so I could make the list out of the first Battle of the Bulge book.

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