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There’s so much going on in the workshop right now it’s getting hard to keep on track with any plans. It seems as soon as one thing has cleared the painting table another two arrive so I’ll keep it brief tonight. Recently added to the completed list is a pair of Yu Jing faction Remotes for Infinity. These aren’t the start of a new army list for Infinity or anything as I’ll be going pretty much with the two Operation Ice Storm starter forces of Pano and Nomads (If you follow my G+ page this probably isn’t new news as I posted them a while back). They are simply a box I bought a few years back just out of curiosity to see what the miniatures were like and then took no further. Now that I’m intending to have a dabble with the game I thought I would crack the box open and paint them up purely to get into the mood. I didn’t go with the traditional yellow/orange of the original Yu Jing, but chose the deeper orange that I’ve seen the more recent releases adopting. It was also a good opportunity to go back to the basics with my colours as I didn’t start with a pre-mixed orange as the base, but instead mixed dark reds and yellow browns to get the shades and highlights I wanted. To create a desaturated highlight I simply added more white and for the shadows increased dark red.

These were airbrushed on and then given a final edge highlight by hand. The underlying sub-frame was kept to a simple black-blue and I used a turquoise wash for the spot colour as well as help tie in the base a bit.

Also coming off the table over the weekend was yet another Panzer IV H combat platoon for Flames of War. As I got through the StuG platoon quickly I decided to keep pressing on with my Panzer Kompanie so I could field something other than the Fallschirmjäger in my next game. Again, with the airbrush doing most of the heavy lifting including the base colour, camo and varnishing there wasn’t a lot to do by hand other than the road wheels, tracks and the odd minor detail. That just leaves me the company HQ to do now and they are ready to roll out. One new wrinkle I tried on the Panzers was the Plastic Soldier Company weathering washes. I’m not 100% certain, but suspect these are actually manufactured for PSC here in the UK by ‘Modelmates‘ as they appear to be identical to the water soluble washes I have tried from them in the past. I’m really growing to like these new non-permanent washes as an alternative to oil or mineral based. They don’t produce the same warming effect or transition you get with oils but they do produce some unique and striking results in their own right so they have definitely secured a regular slot in my arsenal. Some things you need to consider if planning on using the Modelmates washes though. Although brushes and tools can be cleaned with water, the washes contain solvent so I strongly recommend testing them on the model first to ensure they don’t react in ways you later regret. Also, it’s highly recommended you protect any acrylic painting with a coat of matt varnish first. This is doubly true if you are applying it over any decals is the solvent will destroy the fragile transport film in no time flat!

Finally this week, the second (but not quite final) wave of items turned up from the Deadzone Kickstarter. No terrain this time around, but more Enforcers and the Forge Father faction starter (in part) along with the odd special character or two. The Forge Father Brokkr, basically the unarmoured half of the starter set are really quite nice and just that bit different in their somewhat utilitarian workers garb. The hardback book compilation is also a nice quality with only one minor criticism; non-sequential page numbering. Yes, it’s true it is a compilation and therefore just a hardback binding of the three main books with the addition of the short story fiction. I do however feel an opportunity was missed by Mantic from not putting in a little extra effort to update the files and page numbering to represent a single volume. It’s a small detail, but one which should have been attended to in my opinion, especially as the promised section on painting was dropped at the eleventh hour.

Overall quality of the miniatures in Wave two was a bit mixed in my view. I won’t lie, I personally felt some of them had taken a bit of a step backwards, the Enforcer upgrades and Bjarn Starnafall (in metal) were somewhat sloppily cast. In contrast the Forge Fathers and Eddak P’Mera were pretty darn good. It’s that inconsistency I think that Mantic need to get a handle on and to be fair the extras I selected appeared to have been sourced from a variety of producers judging by the different materials so maybe I am being a bit too harsh.

Gaming wise, X-Wing has definitely caught my imagination and has become a regular Monday night fixture for now. This Mondays second game was an absolute hum-dinger with me playing the Rebels and Kev taking command of the Empire’s finest (although, in the case of the Academy pilot, not so much when he misjudged a turn and flew straight off the table edge much to my amusement and his disgust). The game went Kev’s way with some inspired flying at a critical juncture dealing pinpoint damage to an overly aggressive Luke. Biggs more than paid him back in kind after some desperate manoeuvres whittled it down to his X-Wing versus Mauler Mithel. With only 1 point of hull left though and Mithel’s TIE on his six I conceded the battle and had Biggs exit the table. Word has it next week Kev’s bringing a B-Wing, so I will unleash the TIE Bomber in return. Painting however is firmly all about finishing up the last few platoons for my Flames of War Germans and pressing on with Deadzone, in particular the Brokkr (above).

As part of painting the Panzer Kompanie HQ I’m going to make a few notes and take some photos in order to throw together a more detail step by step, so keep an eye out for that in the not too distant future. Until then, happy painting whatever you are playing.


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  1. Major_Gilbear September 26, 2014 at 10:52 pm - Reply

    I felt the same way about the Deadzone metal models you’ve mentioned in Wave 2, so I’m glad it wasn’t just me. Odd, because Mantic’s metals (whilst usually covered in heavy flash and mouldlines in insensitive places) are otherwise fairly decent and clean up into good models.

    Some of the Wave 2 extras also felt really rushed – like the Marauder metal add-on parts, and the Rebs Sorak Swordmaster. A pity, because there were good ideas.

    My Compendium was tossed in the box loose, and so the terrain and such has pockmarked the cover – very poor for a premium numbered limited item. I also spotted the lack of page renumbering, and also the lack of a proper all-in-one index. This last part is especially annoying as I’d rather have had that than Jake’s comments at the end (his comments are his blog afterall), and finding rules in that tome is tricky without such an aid.

    Ah well. I have to say that I loved the Zombies (which are not really my thing normally), and am therefore eagerly anticipating the final wave of hard plastic sprues (of which I added an extra Enforcer sprue to put the metal special weapons on and save myself the hassle of cleaning up the poorly cast metal figs…).

    Finally, as a veteran of Infinity who received the O:I box this week as well, I’m very interested to see what you think of it, and how you feel it compares to Deadzone. =0)

    • Carl Woodrow September 27, 2014 at 12:51 pm - Reply

      The quality of some of the metals was a surprise to me also, normally Mantic are pretty good. I think it was exacerbated by the metals I received recently from Warlord for GoA which were to put it bluntly as close to perfect as any metal miniature I have ever worked with.

      I have heard good things about the hard plastic Zombies, unfortunately they were the one mis-pack from my wave 2 so I have no idea yet what they are like as I haven’t received any yet :-/

      Looking forward to O:I when it arrives. My pre-order has been delayed unfortunately (despite pre-ordering it almost on day one!) so I’m still waiting. On the plus side, I did get a hefty discount on the add-on packs as a result so took the offer up. Means I’ll have a nice batch to play with when it eventually arrives including the Fast Pandas and Iguana.

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