Deadzone Rebels and more

///Deadzone Rebels and more

If you follow my Twitter feed, it will come as no surprise that the Rebel faction for Deadzone has finally found its way onto my workbench this week. With both the Plague and Enforcer Factions completed, or at least as completed as can be until the hard plastic ones turn up from Mantic (current word is October-ish), I have selected a quick Reb strike team based on nothing more scientific than wanting to paint them. When the Deadzone Kickstarter was still running, the Rebs Faction was the one that most appealed to me as a gamer. The idea of a faction consisting of mixed species really pushed my buttons at the time and the concepts looked great. Unfortunately, when the miniatures arrived as part of wave one I felt they were the weakest of the bunch personally. Detail on some looked soft, especially in the weapons and I really felt they lacked the impact they needed. It wasn’t that they were bad per se, just inconsistent. That said, I still very much liked the thought behind them as a set and wasn’t about to give up without a fight. To compensate for some of the sloppy casts, I went with a far bolder and brighter palette to give them visual punch. I also set this against a warm base which I textured in magic-sculpt and airbrushed yellow ochre and tan.

I have tried to use predominately warm reds and browns in the palette to unify them as a faction even though they are an eclectic bunch and follow the same theory with the flesh colours. Beige in the case of the Grogan, pink/blue for the Sorak and tan for the Judwan. There are exceptions, such as the Kraaw which I have gone for a green skin, however I’ve changed the tone by adding yellow and brown to also warm that up into something more complimentary. The Sorak’s skin also meant switching up the armour colour to a turquoise as red would simply not work at all.

The Judwan Medics palette also got tweaked slightly as it reminded me a lot of the hilarious Mordin Solus from Mass Effect, so I felt a small homage was in order in the outfit colours and pattern. Now that the first five are complete, I actually feel a lot more positive about the Rebs. I said at the time the concepts and designs behind some of the races was great and I still stand by that. I can see no reason these can’t be used in other skirmish games in addition to Deadzone, which makes them doubly versatile. At the time of writing I have several more on the workbench in the cleanup and basing stage including the huge Teraton, a pair of Drones, a Yndij (yes, that’s spelled correctly!) and a TK-Zero team, so plenty more to come yet.

Switching back to the two base factions in the boxed game; The Plague and the Enforcers, I realised I’ve never included a group shot of either faction. This is especially true of the Enforcers who have had a number of additional troops added since I last discussed them, including the Sentry Guns, Captain, heavy weapon and second Assault Trooper.

And now The Plague in all their alien glory.

The latest news from Mantic is the Forge Father hard plastics have been delayed further to improve on the quality. As a result the remainder of my Wave Two shipment is probably going to be sent out in the next week or so I would imagine which should include the Striders and the basic Forge Father starter (sans Forge Guard obviously). Unlike Dreadball I was a lot more restrained with Deadzone and held back on padding out too many add-ons. As is typical with Mantic Kickstarter, the pledge level does include an awful lot of extra miniatures which are duplicates from the Starter sets and Boosters as well as a decent number of special characters. More than any sane person really needs. These I’m slowly working my way through a couple at a time, but am not in any hurry as they are unlikely to get used until later games. Speaking of which it’s games night tomorrow evening, so the Plague are going to get their first outing which should be entertaining.

The ‘other’ Sci-Fi game

Aside from plugging away at the Rebs, I’ve also been conducting a bit of terrain maintenance for a future project. Nothing significant, just a little patching up of the flimsy GW Planetscape (or whatever they called it) set that they produced back in the day. The day before they started making decent plastic terrain that is! None of this is new as I featured it on the blog several years back, but it was looking a bit tired and in need of some repair. As none of it is locked into the 40K gothic style that their current range is, it’s actually rather handy for generic sci-fi, which is exactly why I dug it out of the terrain bunker.

Two more pieces (not shown) to patch up and then that’s one more task taken care of. Next update: More Rebs and the plans for September.


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  1. Major_Gilbear September 1, 2014 at 12:44 am - Reply

    “Never experiment on species with members capable of calculus; simple rule, never broke it.” ;0)

    Ahem. Anyway, I have to say these look really good! I also think the ‘proper’ textured bases look much better than the grey ones.

    Also, I agree with your comments on the Rebs – I was particularly disappointed that during early sculpt reveals, feedback seemed to get ignored. With models like the TK-Zero especially, I was sad that Mantic didn’t listen (I mean, the launcher is held in such an awkward way, it’s clear that little thought was put into it). Pity. =0/

    • Carl Woodrow September 1, 2014 at 10:23 am - Reply

      Mordin had the best lines in the entire series.
      “I think I just developed a cure for Joker’s illness! No, wait, causes liver failure, never mind…”

      I never noticed how she was holding the TK-Zero until you mentioned it, now I see exactly what you mean. I suspect the sculptor was trying to avoid obscuring the face from making it a left-handed overhand grab. The result does look incredibly awkward though now as you say.

  2. John H September 2, 2014 at 1:19 am - Reply

    Some of the best Deadzone stuff I have seen to date..and its quite popular around here, kudos Carl!

  3. wgrevival September 5, 2014 at 5:51 pm - Reply

    Nice fithy Rebs. Love em!

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