The NetherLord is back

//The NetherLord is back

If you only look at one Kickstarter this week, make it this one. Few sculptors make me chuckle out loud as much as Andy Foster (Heresy Miniatures) and I don’t just mean his occasional wry day-to-day tweets about life in general. His miniatures ooze character and recapture some of the fun and laughs that used to permeate dungeon crawler games of yore. Back when gaming was a lot less, serious. Heresy isn’t a big company, or for that matter even a small company. It’s a flipping tiny company owned, managed, designed, cast, cleaned and packed by Andy. That hasn’t stopped him thinking big when it comes to miniatures though, his original NetherLord is still something of a classic in my humble opinion and much in demand.

Problem is, it’s a demand Heresy can’t satisfy and hasn’t for a while. The same goes for a lot of Heresy’s back catalogue classics like the Tunnel Dweller, a miniature which I both love and loathe in equal measure. I love the concept and the design, I loathe the spiky metal legs and body which caused me so much pain putting it together and impaling myself every fricking time I moved it during painting! I digress. The problem Heresy has is the cost of metal soared to such an extent the NetherLord simply became uneconomic to produce.

This is where Kickstarter comes in; to help get some of those Heresy monster classics a lot of us know and love back into production in lighter, affordable and most importantly easier to assemble resin. Even if you don’t fancy your very own cabinet filling Winged NetherLord or Azeroth, there are still plenty of gems in Heresy’s Kickstarter that are going to benefit massively from being re-released in resin rather than metal. Big Boris for one. There also appears to be a good few minions being added to the list as well as a few new items if the Terror Grubs are anything to go by. If you are looking to populate your dungeon with a few extra minions, or something more serious I heartily recommend checking Heresy’s Kickstarter out, your inner Daemon will thank you for it trust me. I may even break out old ‘Grubby’ himself for a paint make-over.

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