Deadzone: Enforcers and Hulk

///Deadzone: Enforcers and Hulk

Things have been a little quiet here the past few weeks, with the weather being so great and it being holiday season and all. That said, ‘some’ painting has been going on for Mantic’s Deadzone game in a push to get all four factions complete before wave two arrives some time in August. A quick ‘state of the game’ update is probably warranted to bring things right up to date. As things stand, the ‘Plague’ faction are almost fully painted with only some base finishing needed on the final three Stage 3A. I do have a Plague Teraton as well, but am going to treat that as a extra as I don’t need it right now to get some games going. Likewise the Marauders have enough to get by with three Commandos, Sniper, Ripper Suit and a Pyro. To muscle them out further I’ve just finished with a Hulk, which is more than enough to get by on. That still leaves the Captain, a couple more Commandos, another Sniper and the bizarre Mawbeasts to do however.

Onto the Enforcers. I decided to go with the flow palette wise and stick with the high contrast black/white + orange markings theme. I still feel it’s a bit too clinical and not special forces enough, so added a little battlefield weathering to rough the final appearance up a bit and add interest. The first Strike Team of five are now done, so I have started work on adding the specialist Engineer and Sniper.

That brings me neatly onto the fourth and final faction (for now), the Rebels. On paper these were my favourite, with a wonderfully eclectic mix of human and alien. In terms of production though I felt these were probably the most disappointing, however I can’t fault the art direction. As a result I have gone for a very hard and stark base texture which I added in MagicSculpt in order to create a crisp base against which to theme the figures. I’m also going to go for a slightly brighter and more saturated palette than Mantic did to try to make them pop a little. More progress on those as I get them done.

In other news I have been considering the pros and cons of getting into Infinity by Corvus Belli. Both the game and company have been going from strength to strength for a few years now and it’s certainly a game I’ve had recommended to me on a number of occasions. It’s been on my periphery for a while and whilst I have liked the dynamic anime style of their miniatures it hasn’t grabbed me up to now. Project wise, I was considering firing up my Space Wolves again inspired by the forthcoming release of the Stormwolf assault craft (yes, strangely enough I do actually quite like it, despite some of it’s bizarre design shortcomings). That was until this week when they published the price; £49. It’s steep and to be perfectly honest I may have considered it ‘if’ I hadn’t seen the Infinity 2-player starter set reveal – “Operation Ice Storm” and just what that included for only a few quid more. Sadly for GW that just feels like a total no-brainer to me, so the Space Wolves go back on ice again (sorry, bad pun) and instead I shall try my hand at Infinity. Even if I decide it’s not for me I come out of it with fifteen stunning metal miniatures, which I love the look of purely from a painting perspective.

Skirmish sized games are just doing it for me at the moment scale wise and I can’t help but feel GW are swimming against the tide pushing the whole 28mm ‘Armageddon’ thing constantly. If I want to play a tactically bigger game with platoons of tanks and scores of infantry I’m always going to choose 15mm or smaller. Frankly they just look better and you don’t need to mortgage your home to play them; it’s why I like Epic so much. Oh well, that’s more of my hobby coin going into another gaming company’s coffers.

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  1. Audrey August 1, 2014 at 4:05 pm - Reply

    Finally, I was hopping you would get to the Rebels. These figures interested me the most as I want to use them for other games. Why do you feel the production is disappointing? The final figures don’t look as good as the concept art, something else? I am still looking forward to seeing them painted.

    Now you go and bring Infinity: Op Icestorm to my attention. I have been tempted by Infinity for some time. What has kept me away is no one in my gaming group is that interested. But with a starter set and 2 forces it tempts me even more. Though I am not a fan of the paper terrain they made. I think it could look better.

    • Carl Woodrow August 1, 2014 at 7:55 pm - Reply

      Hey Audrey. I think they are a pretty good match for the concept and it was the art direction I liked in the Rebs. No, when I say production was disappointing I literally mean in the casting and finish of the final miniatures. A lot of the tech detail (weapons for example) is what I would call ‘soapy’ and facial definition quite bland.

      They are by no means poor miniatures, just not the best from a manufacture perspective. The designs however are ok.

      Maybe I will feel differently about them once I start painting them now a decent undercoat is on and I can see better what I’m working with. I have a palette in mind which hopefully will help.

      Regarding Infinity Starter, I’m in pretty much same boat as you; been tempted for a while but never made the plunge. I don’t mind the paper/card terrain as quality wise it looks pretty decent. I’ve encountered similar with Dropzone Commander and the production values of the card stock and mats is actually very high. I also temper that with the fact they are all-metal miniatures in the box as well, which is a BIG plus considering the price in my opinion.

      • Tyler Provick August 2, 2014 at 2:13 pm - Reply

        It would also get you more use out of your deadzone terrain

  2. daggerandbrush August 4, 2014 at 5:58 am - Reply

    Very nice paintjobs. Is the ATAC a transfer or freehand?

    • Carl Woodrow August 4, 2014 at 6:54 am - Reply

      Thanks man. It’s a GW transfer; the ATAC part of ‘Catachan’

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