Marauder Ripper Suit

///Marauder Ripper Suit

As you can probably tell from the last few posts, Mantic’s Deadzone is getting lots of time on my workbench currently and the Marauder Faction in particular is in the firing line. I finished the three standard Commandos and ‘Pyro’ last week so turned my attention to the specialists over the weekend. Unfortunately that was about as far as it got as I’ve been working away from home this week without access to the man-cave, so sadly hobby activity has been a big fat nil. Now I’m back and positively ‘fizzing’ with pent-up painting energy I shall resume where I left off in the last update.

First up is a ‘Mauler‘ Ripper Suit, a kind of Marauder exo-frame fitted for the close confines of an urban pacification or break-throughs. Sticking with the military/corporation equipped theme, I shunned the tarnished naked metal look normally associated with the Marauders and have gone for a more futuristic Industrial or PMC (Private Military Contractor) palette of flat grey and dark yellow / khaki. I still added a little ‘in the field’ weathering to this, but it hopefully still emphasises the appearance of a high tech exo-suit the Marauder is wearing over more functional fatigues. What Orx wear under their armour isn’t something I’m particularly keen to explore.

Starting with a light grey primer, I gave the entire suit a coat of VMA Sand Yellow with the airbrush for a desaturated base. I then added patches of Tamiya Dark Yellow + Flat White to provide contrast. Not a camo as such, just some depth to the base colour so it doesn’t appear too desaturated. Adding German Grey to the mix gave me a discord with which to create shadows in the armour undersides and likewise adding white gave me a top highlight. Nothing extreme, I wasn’t going for a colour modulation, although on reflection that may have been a good approach.

The next step was to paint the exposed Orx skin and undersuit.

I then mixed a thin dark grey/blue wash from Black + German Grey with a little GW Fenris Grey. This was carefully flooded into the exo-suits underpinning structure to create contrast. I also picked out any metal detail at this point such as bolt heads, sockets and hydraulics. All were highlighted with Mithril to keep the appearance of a mechanically well maintained piece of equipment. Weapon attachments were also given a wash at this stage with the addition of some German Field Grey to further enhance the look of matt military tech. To emphasise this I also painted a few warning icon and blocks of caution text onto the armour in the form of fine white lines in white. To weather I sparingly added chipping onto exposed armour before varnishing. The base is a standard 50mm round, with texture added in Magic Sculpt from one of Wargames Bakery Basius stamps.


The other specialist is the rather handy looking Goblin sniper. Nothing special painting wise here I just went for a quick and effective shade and highlight over the armour and cloak. The fatigues I did in a tri-tonal urban camo of Wolf Grey, Charadon Granite and Bugman’s Glow. All in all, very straightforward and designed to get them onto the table and in game quickly. I shall press on with the Orx for a couple more units including the firepower-packing ‘Rainmaker‘ Ripper suit and the Marauder Captain. As with the other factions there are support units in the form of two Mawbeast Bombers for the Marauders, but I’ll be honest I am finding it a challenge to find any love for these models. It’s both the idea and the aesthetic I’m struggling with which is making it difficult to choose a palette for them. I’ll stick with them for now though as they serve a fun and useful function in game.



So what else is on the radar?

More Deadzone yet for sure in the Enforcer faction. I have completed a palette tester but am not sold on it yet as it feels a bit too clean and clinical and just not “bad ass scary” enough. I may pull the palette back a bit with some weathering and see how that effects the finish. At the moment they are looking more Clone Trooper than hard sci-fi which isn’t what I was shooting for. Maybe too much white highlight in the outer armour plates? Definitely needs more thought. I’ll post a bit more on the Enforcers here when I get more underway, but if you want to see where they are now, you can see more work in progress on my Google+ page here.

Until next time.


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  1. 172fixer July 12, 2014 at 3:59 am - Reply

    The ‘Mauler‘ Ripper Suit mini’s a ‘beaut!

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