In defence of ‘restic’

A short post today as I just finished the first four of Mantic’s orx for my Deadzone Marauder faction. Whilst painting them it occurred to me what a bad rep resin-plastic seems to get, quite a bit of it unfairly in my opinion. So this week I have thrown together a video case for the defence standing up for the poor maligned material. Will everyone agree with me? Almost certainly not, but I still felt it worth attempting to debunk a few myths anyway based on my own experience.

Regardless whether you agree of not about the material, the first group is done so I shall be prepping at least one of the Marauder exo-suits to add to this mob. With a fistful of Plague faction and some terrain already complete I feel an intro game coming on.

Update: Since posting this originally, Major Gilbear added a comment regarding cleaning the Mantic resins using a soft brass wire brush. I’ve since tried this myself and thank Gilbear sincerely for mentioning it because it does work a treat. For the more significant mold lines I still use a sharp blade as I mentioned in the video, however I have now started using a brass brush in conjunction to clean up the rest of the miniature as suggested, to great results. I’ll discuss that a bit more when I post the painted updates for the Rebel faction, which is due up in August. Many thanks Gilbear for that, great tip!

Until next time.


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