Deadzone Marauders

///Deadzone Marauders

Orx have been on my mind over the weekend. Not Orks, or Orcs, but Orx, or ‘Marauders’ as Mantic calls them in their Warpath universe. I’ve never been a fan of the GW style of Orks as a painter, it’s not that I don’t like them, just something about painting all that green that has always deterred me. Except that is in Epic (6mm) scale which I feel really suits their horde background and all those vehicles just looks, well Epic! The Marauder faction that came with the Deadzone Kickstarter thankfully is a much more manageable task with less than a dozen miniatures to worry about, so it would seem churlish not to get them painted and in-game. It also helps that Mantic’s backstory for the Marauders in Deadzone is actually quite interesting from a painters point of view and gives a lot of ‘theme hooks’ to play around with.

Lost you? Ok, let me try to explain. Although they look somewhat like the Games Workshop 40K Orks of old, Mantic have written them in as being exploited by humanity as a sanctioned mercenary force for their more ‘confrontational’ operations. As a group of Freelancers, this makes the Marauders a really interesting faction to do because they aren’t as polarised as they are in 40K; they could equally be fighting for as well as against humanity depending on who’s paying the most, or how it aligns to their own goals. It also means they are potentially well equipped, either through the black market or by whatever Corporation happens to be hiring their services at the time. From my perspective this is great because you don’t immediately have to go down the 40K route of everything Ork automatically being covered in rust and badly welded metal plates. It opens the possibility of painting the Marauders with the kinds of equipment you would see more in common with a modern PMC (Private Military Contractor).

As a result the hook I chose was the movie Elysium and in particular the weapons you see Kruger and his ‘operatives’ making use of. Company ‘branding’ is often quite prominent (who can forget CHEMRail) and it’s often modded to the tastes of the user through additional rail mounts or bolt ons. Hopefully you can see this in the quick tester above. Carrying a well maintained rifle with beige desert body (no rusting metal in sight), the Orx pack is also an orange Medkit with Corporation logo to signify he’s the teams First Responder. This is a theme I’ll look to carry through the rest of the faction, especially the Exo-suits which I think need to look more Corp made and less Orx made. I have a few ideas what to base that on, but that’s for a future post. In the meantime I’ve started on the skin and basics for another three Marauders to get things rattling along. Can’t help but feel the palette is still a bit old-skool 40K 2nd Edition and the uniform in particular still needs more in the way of Khaki to contrast with the black/grey. More experiments needed perhaps?


These should keep me occupied for the next evening or two and then I will need to formulate a plan for tackling the big guys. until next time.


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  1. ben June 27, 2014 at 6:52 pm - Reply

    Carl I’ve watched your painting from the early days of gw and I have to say the stuff you are producing now is absolutely 10/10 whenever I feel I lack inspiration your blog (which I have also followed since the beginning) always fires me up again. Keep going and happy painting. Regards Ben

    • Carl Woodrow June 27, 2014 at 8:20 pm - Reply

      Hey buddy, I really appreciate that. long time no see mate 🙂 How’s the little’un?

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