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If you recall earlier in the year I looked at how Gale Force Nine’s Battlefield in a Box ruins could be enhanced with a few extra painting steps and techniques to create something equally appropriate for a Middle Earth table. Well, I’ve been at it again with the remaining three pieces, only this time I decided to try and capture some of the process on video at the same time. The details and photos are also included below for those who would rather not listen to my soporific rambling, for the rest take it away, err me.

The stages I used are broadly the same as those I described in the original post: Battlefield in a Box Repainted but I will quickly summarise them again below:-

  1. Airbrush GW Dheneb Stone or Rakarth Flesh over the main stonework and larger pieces of rubble.
  2. Dry brush Longbeard Grey* or Praxeti* White over the edges of the stone blocks to create shape.
  3. Wash the entire piece with watered down Burnt Umber artists gouache and allow to dry.
  4. Remove the excess surface gouache with a damp cloth leaving it behind in any recesses/detail.
  5. Finish the stonework with a repeat dry-brush of Terminatus Stone* and finally Praxeti White*

* You don’t have to use the Citadel Dry colours for the dry-brushing, I just happened to have them to hand. However I do find that they are actually quite efficient for this type of job. With a regular acrylic I find I’m wasting at least 80% of the paint wiping it on the towel to get to the bristles loaded dry the way I need. The Citadel Dry compounds however already have a body designed for this purpose so I find I’m wasting far less. Their consistency also doesn’t change throughout the life of the pot, which is another advantage they have over regular ‘wet medium’ acrylic.


Five really nice scenery pieces that alongside my other Gondorian ruins should fill a decent sized table. However. I’m not finished just yet as there is one vital component yet to paint; the gaming table itself. Back in 2013 I backed Secret Weapon’s ‘Tablescape’ Kickstarter and one of the sets I chose was the Ruined Temple set. News from Justin literally only 24 hours ago at the time of writing is the final blocker has been overcome and the sets are finally ready to start shipping from the factory in China. I suspect this means I should expect a delivery some time either July or August, so watch this space for a follow up later in the Summer and I begin pulling together the final touches for my new Middle Earth gaming table. Now you can probably guess why I’ve been steadily painting more and more Orcs lately.

In other news a nice package of limited release Sedition Wars resins arrived from Studio McVey which included the stunning and equally disturbing Retiarus and Medusa exo-forms. In even better news the Mechanicum has blessed me with some upgraded optics, so I may even be able to see well enough to paint them!

Until next time, have a great week.




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