FoW: Tank Hunters and Flakvierling

///FoW: Tank Hunters and Flakvierling

If you recall a while back I posted a picture of some un-primed Sd kfz 7/1 ‘Flakvierling’ Halftracks with their 2cm quad anti-aircraft guns. Well, they are now painted alongside an SS Scout/Tank Hunter platoon as part of my second late war European Axis force. The guns and flatbed are magnetised with tiny 2mm x 1mm rare earth magnets. They aren’t strong enough to keep everything together if you give it a good shake, but more than capable of holding the turrets in place during gaming, storage and movement. It also adds a fun tactile element as I can rotate the guns to track my opponent’s incoming flight.

The Scout Platoon consists of three Panzershrek teams plus SMG command team and four tiny Volkswagen Schwimmwagon amphibs to cart them around the countryside. I do appreciate the uniforms are technically wrong as they aren’t in SS ‘pea dot’, however I didn’t feel inclined to stick rigidly to the brief in this instance.

As part of the second force, I’ve also made a few palette adjustments to the tri-tonal camo on the vehicles switching out Vallejo for Tamiya. This wasn’t as a result of dissatisfaction with my original palette, just that I knew there would be a much larger proportion of tanks and thus weathering. One of the things I learned painting the first Flames of War force was that as you add increasing layers of weathering and filter, the underlying contrast drops between the tri-tonal camo colours. To offset this I began with a much lighter ‘Dunkelgelb’ base colour, in this instance 80% Tamiya (XF-60) Dark Yellow + 20% Tamiya (XF -2) Flat White. The camo pattern was then a combination of (XF – 67) Nato Green and (XF – 64) Red Brown. As with the previous force I also used MIG Filters for Tri-tonal camo to enrich the final finish. 

The other new colour I tried out on these was Tamiya’s (XF – 85) Rubber Black for all of the tyres. Although an acrylic it reacts very strangely to water having a tendency to split the pigment from the body, so it does need to be given a good mix before loading the brush. The end result however is excellent with a fantastically flat blue/black finish. Now that I have an idea what the final camo will look like as a result of doing the halftracks, I’ll make a start on the Panzer IV combat platoons next as these make up the bulk of the armour in the force. Before then however there is a little more terrain to finish off which I’ll cover in a future post.

Until then, have a great week.


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