Getting all defensive

///Getting all defensive

With Kev having finally painted up his US GMC tank hunter platoon and security section, I thought I’d better provide him with something to exercise them on and have been dragging out my Flames of War Germans again. Unfortunately, the Panzer platoons are too early on in the painting and not quite ready to take to the field yet, I’m a bit of curmudgeon about gaming with unpainted minis. I could of course roll out the Tiger’s which would give him a worthy adversary to test the M10’s mighty 3″ guns against, however I have a different plan in mind. All of the games we have played to date have been more or less a standard ‘meeting engagement’ type affair, neither side actively taking on the role of defender per se and structuring their list accordingly. This time however I’ve decided to dig in and get defensive with the Fallschirmjäger. His Airborne are going to have to work for it.

The only problem is I don’t actually have anything in the way of field fortifications, so I’m going to have to make some. That’s pretty much what I spent part of the weekend doing. Luckily there are a number of really useful articles from other bloggers explaining how to do exactly that, so armed with a few bases, some cocktail sticks and blue foam I set about creating a set of Heavy Machine Gun (HMG) nests as the starting point. These ones are based around the nests covered by the excellent Model Dad’s Blog which I highly recommend bookmarking for all things Flames of War.

I didn’t exactly follow the approach on Model Dad’s but instead cut and mounted the foam first onto four 2mm FoW sized MDF bases which were sourced from 4Ground. Lengths of cocktail stick were then added for the timbers keeping the roof section separate. For the groundwork I used Tamiya’s soil effect texture paint, adding the roof section and final coat of soil once the rest had dried. Painting wise, as the soil effect is already a natural earth brown, I enhanced it with a couple of light dry brush highlights of Vallejo Khaki + Beige. After that it was just a case of covering most of the nest in static grass, tufts and clumping. As a final touch I added an MG42 into each slit which were leftovers from PSC and Battlefront Half Track kits.

With the nests taken care of next on my agenda will be a few sections of barbed wire obstacles and possibly some trench line. Then we shall see what a single, but determinedly entrenched Fallschirmjäger company can do against an advancing US Airborne. In the meantime I also have a few anti-air surprises on the boil just in case he decides to call up a P38 Lightning.

Until then, have a great week.



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  1. Theoneaeon May 16, 2014 at 10:55 pm - Reply

    Love the bunkers. Your site is a great inspiration. Thanks!!

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