The Eagles have landed

///The Eagles have landed

Well, mostly. Back beavering away with the brush on a trio of Great Eagles and a Grim Hammer Captain for Middle Earth. The Eagles consisted of a pair of the newer (and larger) plastic versions and the old metal Gwaihir from some years back. An impressive bird, he is sadly now somewhat dwarfed (no pun intended!) by the newer all-plastic kits. I’m not complaining as the latest incarnation of the Great Eagles are I think some of Games Workshop’s best, featuring stunning detail and a kit that goes together virtually seamlessly. I might have quibbles about their pricing, but there is no argument from me that they still know how to make a quality plastic kit.

I say ‘mostly’ done because although the miniatures themselves are complete, the bases still need some finishing garnishing and Gwaihir’s flight stand painting. The plastic one really wasn’t up to the task of holding his weighty metal form aloft and needed replacing with brass rod. Whilst back on the table I will also take the opportunity to add some further profiling to the heads, in particular around the beak and eyes as I feel this is still a little flat. One final denizen of Middle Earth (not shown) is the missing Erebor Dwarf Captain for my Grim Hammers. Him I finished at the dame time as he was really no more than a quick evenings work the palette being shades of chainmail metal and mithril in the main. I will grab a photo and include him in the next update.

Although I enjoyed bringing the mighty Eagles to the table, they were also something of a time filler as the weather over the past few weeks in the UK has been truly dreadful making it difficult to do much in the way of outdoor priming or varnishing. As a result the painting has been backing up, so I invested the time instead on getting ahead on the prep and assembly of upcoming projects. Some of this has been miniature assembly for a new army, but there has also been a fair amount of new and re-painted terrain as well to work through. Now the sun is out again the flood gates, figuratively speaking have opened so a somewhat eclectic mash-up of stuff has been cleaned, sanded, assembled and primed ready to go. One of the projects is the new GW Imperial Knight, but as everybody and their dog is producing either an unboxing or a review I’m just going to go right ahead and paint it and show the progress/end result in between other more tempting work. Highest on that list is my next German list for Flames of War which is firmly built around Battlefront’s newly released all-plastic Panzer IV’s. More about those in the next few days. In the meantime, here are a few more buildings I finished over the weekend to flesh out my collection further, ready for the forthcoming spring offensive against Kev’s US Airborne.


All are again from the excellent Airfix resin range and yes, a little too big really for 15mm. But they do look the part on the battlefield so it’s all good. Next post will be all about the Panzers and what I think of the new kit as well as fun and games with Shurtzën, magnets and a pair of anti-air ‘Quads’.

Until then, have a great week.

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  1. Scott Bowman March 12, 2014 at 1:37 am - Reply

    Wonderful Eagles!

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