Paint maintenance

//Paint maintenance

Been taking a break from the painting this week to conduct a bit of maintenance on the paint supplies. It’s one of those jobs that probably ought to be done more frequently, but inevitably ends up becoming a chore instead. By maintenance I mean two things; cleaning up the droppers and adding medium and thinner to restore consistency if they have lost too much. This time around I also decided to add an agitator in the form of a steel ball-bearing into each pot to help with the mixing. It is something I have been meaning to do for ages, but kept forgetting. Until last week that is when I remembered to order a pack of around 100 x 8mm steel bearings whilst re-stocking pipettes. 8mm seemed the best fit as it was just small enough to drop easily into a Vallejo style bottle, but heavy enough to really agitate the thicker paints. So that accounted for an entire evening as I methodically worked through both racks of paint.

I say break from painting, but actually I did sneak in a quick hour to do a bit of the groundwork (well, brickwork actually) on two more damaged buildings for Flames of War. The Workshop and Cottage are both from the Airfix 1/76 resin range and although technically a bit large for 15mm (1/100) I have found they don’t look too out of place when I have gamed with them in the past. Only just started both of these, so not really much to look at at this stage, but I do find these Airfix resins take paint exceptionally well.

In other news, still struggling to find anything in this years Hobbit releases that I actually like or want. The Silvan Elves aren’t a race I intend to collect and so that counts them out. No interest in the Lake Town Guards or characters, nice though they are which really only leaves Beorn as a character I would consider. He may be a big chap, but at £15 in human form I’m just not convinced he’s worth the price tag. To get proper gaming use out of him as a character you really want him in both human and bear forms and I suspect (when) the bear form is released it won’t be as a bundle but probably somewhere in the £25 region as a solo Finecast looking at the size of it. That would make the hirsute hero £40 in real terms which even I find a bit steep. I have always liked Beorn as a character in the book and feel they captured his nature well in the film, even though his more brutal side was reigned in for the ‘Desolation of Smaug’. It’s a big drain on my hobby budget for just one Hero figure though, so I will have to weigh up his worth carefully.

Almost certainly more expensive however will be the forthcoming 40K ‘Knight’ plastic kit from Games Workshop. As is now the norm a few images have leaked online ahead of the White Dwarf reveal and for a change I actually rather like the look of it. The past couple of years GW’s aesthetic for 40K has diverged from how I see it; I’m probably more in tune with where Forgeworld are currently with the Heresy series. The Knight kit however appears to owe a lot of it’s likeness to the original Epic scale Knights from Titan Legions, which naturally makes me more inclined to like it being a total Epic grognard. This could well be the first 40K kit in an age that may convince me to prise open my wallet. Dread to think how much it is going to be, but will be watching the release with interest.

Finally, if you had followed my earlier post to the Panzer IV preview, you may have seen by now poor Battlefront have made a bit of a faux pas with the Shürtzen design. Quite incredibly nobody (including me) noticed this all the way throughout development, the CAD images and prototypes shown online. As they say though, pattern recognition is a funny old thing. Full kudos to Battlefront however for offering to supply replacement plastic frames from the current hybrid kit for free for those that request it. Shows a great attention to customer service.

That’s about all for now. I shall be pressing on with the Great Eagles and the buildings above this weekend in an effort to clear the table. Original plan was to make a start on the next Flames of War Germans, however I may hold that slot open depending on what that Knight looks like in the flesh and how much it strides in at price wise.

Have a great week,


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  1. 40kterminatus February 23, 2014 at 1:08 pm - Reply

    Cleaning brushes is a pain but paying for new brushes is even more painful.

    • Carl Woodrow February 24, 2014 at 5:27 pm - Reply

      Couldn’t agree more. I’m actually rather meticulous with my brushes which is why I always recommend buying decent quality brushes in the first place. With care they will last years making them a worthwhile investment.

      Although that said, not all brushes are made equal, my experiences with Games & Gears Kickstarter underlined that lesson. Best advice I can give is find a brush that suits you and behaves the way you want and then look after it.

      Oh, and only ever use cheap brushes for dry-brushing. It’s like a death sentence for them, no matter how well you clean them. Their life will be extended, but you cannot stop the physical punishment the hairs will receive.

  2. redtrombone December 10, 2014 at 11:13 am - Reply

    The ball-bearing trick is dope (in general, this post is). Thanks for sharing it.

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