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Just a quick update this evening to include a picture of the completed Mordor Orc warband (sans Orc Captain) with armoured Troll in tow. If you were quick you would have already noticed I added this to the Flickr gallery last night, however I have also included a close up of the Trolls blade here as I used it to try out some of the new Citadel paint effects to see if they were any good. I have to admit I think they are actually pretty decent overall and although they don’t add anything you can’t already achieve with existing paint effects, they do make it easy for painters who don’t have perhaps as big a horde of weathering materials as old Grognards such as myself. On the blade were a mottled coat of Typhus Corrosion, Ryza Rust and a good arterial splash of Blood effect (sorry, I can’t bring myself to repeat the idiotic name they gave it, the others are bad enough).

Overall, I would actually recommend most of these new utility paints as pretty handy to have in the paint box as they achieve a pretty decent result for next to no effort. All are water-based so easy to work with and although they won’t replace my AK Interactive or MiG filters and washes, I still think for this sort of use they are more than up to the task. Still not sold on the crackle glaze effect from the Agrellan Earth, not because the effect is poor but just because the colour itself is remarkably flat and uninteresting. I wonder if it would have been better in a more arid sand colour than the beige brown? Something I may experiment with a bit.

The Orc skin also probably merits a brief mention in that they are all the same shade of brown. In the past I have painted the Mordor Orcs in all kinds of shades from grey, through tan brown to green. Probably a throwback to the colours the GW studio used. Having watched the films a bit more it became obvious this wasn’t strictly that accurate as predominately Orc skin was just an unhealthy and dirty looking variety of tan. For that reason I picked three shades from a pallid dirty flesh, through grey flesh to a leathery tan brown. Having three warbands to paint (36 in total) I just split the different palettes across each group for efficiency. that way I only had to mix one set of colours and highlights for each batch. Once all 36 are finished I can mix them up a bit to get the variety. These ones being the first are the ‘leathery brown’ skinned mob. The next dozen will be the grey-skinned mob. And so on, so forth.

Completely unrelated to Middle Earth I saw today on Battlefront’s website a preview of their forthcoming all-plastic Panzer IV H Platoon. This couldn’t have been timed better as it is the final piece in my next Flames of War army and I have only been holding back from getting the Panzer HQ and combat platoon in order to see how Battlefront’s compared with The Plastic Soldier Company version. No release date yet, but I suspect it will not be too far out as they are beginning to promote it. On initial showing it doesn’t offer much up in the way of surprises as I always expected their set to include both magnets and decals as well as come in more expensive than the PSC kit. They do still have the rather bothersome 8-spoke track return wheel though unfortunately, which is probably really going to irritate the purists no end as the Ausf H had a 7-spoke track return in all the photos I have seen. Yes, I’m getting my inner nerd on now!

Decisions decisions

You can see more of their preview on the Flames of War site here and mighty nice they look too. That’s enough tank excitement for one night, it’s back to painting Giant Eagles for me. Until next time, have a great week.


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  1. Scott Bowman February 13, 2014 at 10:59 pm - Reply

    Very nice effects, I must grabs some of these paints…

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  3. 40kterminatus February 14, 2014 at 9:48 am - Reply

    Loving that troll.

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