WIP: King of Goblin Town

///WIP: King of Goblin Town

I thought I had better post this as I have just uploaded the photo to Google+ so it would have been churlish not to include it here. Currently on the painting station to wrap up January is the Goblin king from The Hobbit boxed set. I purposely left him until last to force me to paint all of his minions first. Been of a larger ‘girth’ I followed a similar approach to that I did with the three Trolls and airbrushed the flesh tones to achieve a softer effect. Starting with Rakarth for the base colour I added Ratskin Flesh to the folds and shadows of the skin and Pallid Wych for the highlights and musculature. To emphasise the unhealthy pallor a thin wash of Carroburg Crimson and Sepia was brushed into the deeper folds and creases, especially around the face and chest (moobs!).

I left him off the base because I wanted to use a different texture to that on the general foot troops, giving him a wooden decking effect instead.

Yes, I know he has left footprints in the wood, he’s a heavy chap. Joking aside, one of the nice things about doing your own base imprints is you can make it clear exactly where the figure will be mounted making for a perfect fit. The sunken impression doesn’t actually show at all once the miniature is in place so it won’t look odd or out of place.

And here he is after tonights activities. Really all that is left now is the facial details such as eyes, nails, teeth and some shade and highlights to the mace, skulls and loin cloth. I have made a start on the throne, but it’s very early doors so nothing really to show for it yet.

So what’s next?

Well, the sharp eyed will have noticed I have added a new ‘Workbench’ page which is basically just a living list of what’s going on. As I post more photos of finished miniatures I will be sure to also add links to make it easy to track back to the finished article as well. As you can see February has a bit more Lord of the Rings currently in plan, but that won’t be a definitive list as it will almost certainly change as the days and weeks go back. Like I mentioned in the last post, things do tend to get added, removed or moved around schedule wise depending on whim and weather. So it could be anything next week, that’s what keeps it interesting hopefully.

Until next time.



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  1. Scott Bowman February 1, 2014 at 10:42 am - Reply

    Very nice work so far.

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    Awesome work!

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