Whirlwind week

The past week or so has been a upside down period of frustrating weather, delayed deliveries and applying for a new job. It has also been a productive week for painting, seen some success on the DreadBall pitch (finally!) and at long last Sedition Wars arrived.

Dealing with the latter first, no amount of inclement weather could dampen my excitement when  after weeks of delay a very large package arrived containing the boxed game, Biohazard extras and a few more add-ons to boot. I’m not going  to go into some kind of rambling unboxing post, as frankly there are plenty of those already and they are an awfully lot more thorough with that kind of thing than I could ever be. Suffice to say after painstakingly checking off every component from two full Biohazard sets and a ‘Lights Out’ campaign pack I was more than impressed that there wasn’t a single missing part or defect/breakage. Considering how many components that is, I’m pretty impressed. There were a few exceptions, mainly down to the production not panning out quite as planned, or HM Customs deciding to sit on all the resin Limited Edition Kara Blacks destined for the UK/EU because they couldn’t decide if they posed a threat to national security. CMon have confirmed on all counts the delayed elements such as Kara and the patch for the Battlefoam bags will follow as part of wave 2. All fine by me as it happens; I have enough on my plate currently.

On the workstation front, I have been pressing on with more of the Epic scale Ultramarines. So those of you that thought I had quit out, or run out of momentum I say ha! Not quite yet. The main addition was a detachment of  four Whirlwinds, which I ended up liking a lot more than I thought I would. The mashup should be fairly familiar as it consist of a Mk I first edition metal, two plastic third editions and a single fourth edition. The turrets however are all from  either first or current edition as I felt they mixed better. the open missile rack version I think I will save for a different army all together.

I added a few more terrain elements to help fill in the blank space a bit more as I felt these to be more of a stationary dug-in formation. But again I tried to keep the paint chipping and weathering balanced and in keeping with the Predators.

The other unit I worked on was a selection of Dreadnoughts, from which to start upgrading some of the infantry and armour detachments. The intention was to include a range of heritages and the four here are not the full selection. there are also two plastic “Contemptors” as well, which have only just made it onto the workbench. those will have to be part of a future update. The five painted to date include two current Dreadnoughts with Lascannon (one not shown), one with a Melta and two rather ancient first edition Furibundus and Deredeo class variants if memory serves. Nothing really special about any of these painting wise, but I did add some heat discolouration to the end of the lascannon barrels on the more current variant to match what I did with my 40K scale Land Raider Proteus. It doesn’t look anywhere near as effective as it does in a larger scale, but I thought what the heck and did it anyway.

Finally, as a ‘reward’ I dug out some old Rapiers and based them as a battery. They do have a counts as entry for the Imperial Guard as Support Stands, but as I wanted to include them in the Ultramarines (the first edition ones are actually crewed by Astartes) I based them up as a stand in for a Devastator Detachment. I’ll throw some transport their way later.

Next on the workstation for the Ultramarines are some more Land Raiders and I may look at what I can do about adding in some Scouts along with a few more surprises as the mood takes me. For now though, that wraps them up for this week.

I mentioned at the start I had also finally won a game of Dreadball, much to my relief as I was beginning to worry Kev was going to romp away with the season one trophy unchallenged. As last week was a rest week for his Corporation team, we had a roll-off to see who played what between the Orx and Veer-myn. I opted to stick with the rats as I had a better run with them in game two and it certainly paid off in last weeks match as they locked out the Orx to a meagre 3-0. I certainly didn’t have it all my own way though, far from it. Kev’s Guards were really putting out on the slams and a really quite shocking display of dice-manship saw me miss two three point strikes from a standing throw. Now I know why Veer-myn coaches are nervous wrecks! This weeks game will hopefully be the first outing for the Forge Fathers team, as I have been laboriously slaving away on them over the weekend. What with the Epic above, that has brought my January painting total up to over thirty, which is probably the most productive start to a hobby year I have had, well, ever.

On the subject of nearing the end of the first month, I did promise I would do an update at the end of January on how the first month of the hobby fund is holding up and whether or not trying to stick with it has had any impact on my waistline. true to my word expect a post in a couple of days on that score. I feel confident it is going to be positive, so long as I can stay away from the half time game dogs tomorrow night as it’s Dreadball night.

Other news around the man cave.

The delayed delivery I referred to earlier is my first hobby budget spend of the year, which was for some Flames of War bits and pieces, paints in the main and the new plastic Great Eagles for The Hobbit. Been waiting for Wayland to send it since the 9th January, but to be fair to them I suspect it is the frequently out of stock Vallejo paints that are causing the mischief. I don’t really need any of it right now so happy to wait. Mid February however may be a different story as once the bulk of the Dreadball wave 1 package is painted I will likely start queuing up Flames of War projects as that is a game I am keen to learn this year.

Still watching the Gates of Antares Kickstarter tick along, Kev White has now made a start on the green for one of the Drone concepts. Still liking what I am seeing so the rest of January and February’s hobby fund is still backing a Feeder pledge for now. Under the advise of Gilbear I’ve also downloaded a free copy of the Infinity ruleset and will try to put aside some time next month to read through those. A quick glance over them certainly looked positive enough. So all in all, things are still tickling along nicely despite the not-so-great British weather. I know we like to make a big fuss about it, especially how pitifully unprepared we are for the merest hint of snow. All joking aside though, I do feel for our Antipodean cousins, who clearly have been going through some proper and serious natural challenges with fires, floods and storms lately. I can only hope you are all safe and well.

Until next time, stay safe and keep painting.


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  1. Gilbear January 30, 2013 at 11:48 pm - Reply

    Some lovely Ultras there Carl! I really like how well the Whirlwinds all mix and match.
    The Dreads also look great, but somehow I don’t think they blend together so well – I think it might be the fussier detail of the new-style one more than the difference in bulk/shape though. I also very much like the Rapiers, and proxying them as a Devastator squad is a great idea (and not something that would have occurred to me).

  2. Carl Woodrow January 31, 2013 at 12:00 am - Reply

    Thanks Gilbear. I couldn’t agree more about the Dreads, the Contemptor variant jars even more to be honest. The only reason I have included them is I really liked the idea of having a couple of representatives from each heritage for the Dreadnoughts. Hopefully once they are mixed into other units they won’t look quite so odd.

  3. William A Scott February 1, 2013 at 2:56 am - Reply

    Looking great!

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