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Tactical detachment two

Time for a mid-week catch up on the painting score. This week I have completed the second Tactical Detachment for my Epic scale Ultramarines. Nothing really to write home about, the only change I made was to include an Apothecary on one of the stands and flip the colour palette on one of the Rhino’s to signify his presence in the formation.

Veer-myn Team

Also complete this week are the second of my teams for Dreadball; the Black-Pitch Stealers. I wasn’t really that sold on the orange and off-white kit colour for the Stealers in the rulebook, but quite liked the more weathered version shown in the artwork. Adding a little green for the off-colour and mixing up the flesh tones from pale vermin to brown-black gave me more of a look I was happy with. It also gave me some wriggle-room for the MVP palette I could use on Reek Rolat to help him stand out more, when I get around to painting him.

Between the Epic units and the Veer-myn that opens my years painting score with a total of 19. Not a bad start for the first couple of weeks.

Short and sweet post today as it was Dreadball game night last night. Although I was hoping not to disgrace myself with the Veer-myn as much as I did with the Buccaneers last week, I still managed to lose, again. It was a much closer affair to be honest with a decent nip and tuck game never getting above three points in either direction as far more strikes were traded over the fourteen rushes. In the end Kev was two points up and I was in a position to make a desperate last ditch throw to hit in a four point strike. No surprises, the dice gods looked away and the ball scattered wild on the penultimate action. The Veer-myn being mostly Strikers were a pretty agile lot dashing back and forth with ease. Sadly their 5+ Skills tests were not of the same ilk as their 3+ Speed tests. Ho hum. Next week Kev’s resting up the Corporation and seeing if he can work that game winning magic on the Buccaneers as I give the Stealers a second crack at a maiden win.

Current standing are: Humans 5pts, Veer-myn 1pt, Orx 0pts

With the painting station cleared and the weather about to turn distinctly chilly, I’ve already prepped up the next block of Epic and some Forge Fathers to avoid any painting delays due to the weather.

Until next time.

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