What a monster

//What a monster
Kingdom Death: Monster. Image © Kingdom Death/Adam Poots

Kingdom Death: Monster. Image © Kingdom Death/Adam Poots

Just a brief post to offer a big congrats to the Kingdom Death: Monster Kickstarter, which completed its pledge drive yesterday having raised a quite staggering $2 million plus change. I didn’t back this project personally as the game itself didn’t immediately appeal. Nevertheless it clearly demonstrates a well executed Kickstarter with clear and tempting stretch goals can tap into some quite serious pre-order volumes. The monetary amount is impressive in its own right, but what I think stands out as interesting is the average pledge per backer backer when comparing it with the Sedition Wars Kickstarter. With an average pledge of $379 across 5400 backers, that is nearly double the £222 average Sedition Wars attracted. I suspect a lot of those pledges were significantly bumped up from initial pledge totals as more and more “add on” stretch goals were unlocked.

For any boxed game, that is a healthy production run volume and even if the game goes no further than that initial print, it has clearly been a success. Great looking miniatures too, which very nearly drew me in towards the end. One of the real dangers to impulse purchasers like myself is it is very easy to get caught up in the excitement and throw your money in. A reason I suspect the average pledge was so high.

Fortunately my newly acquired hobby-fund pseudo-evangelism saved me and I procrastinated long enough for the clock to run down. Saved, quite literally by the bell. Great looking product though and once again the bar is raised as to what can be achieved.

I do wonder though how much longer this can continue before an almost inevitable Kickstarter fatigue, or worse anti-kickstarter backlash begins to set in. The latter would be a real shame, especially for the likes of Gates of Antares which to me looks like a genuinely exciting start up.

For now though, there still seems to be plenty of fuel in the crowd funding tank and boardgames are clearly still attracting the lions share.

Right, that’s enough of a tea break. Back to painting Veer-myn and sourcing decals for British late war era Sherman’s.


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  1. Iain January 8, 2013 at 10:04 pm - Reply

    Personally, I am starting to KS-fatigue already in certain areas. When one of the ‘big guns’ utilises KS as a pre-order program, I am naturally cynical about it. I understand that it is a model that is designed to work in a number of flexible ways, but I am much more likely to back a brand new product from a new guy with a good idea, than a variation on a theme from a company that has already put out 4 similar products in its past. I would hate KS to become a simple risk free pre-order service, where 90% of the funds go to the few established companies who dont really need that support, while 90% of the projects there get very little as a result and no new and potentially risky ideas then surface.

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