Titan sized commitment

///Titan sized commitment

So how do we all feel about the price? May as well get that out of the way before this heresy train departs the station, I have no doubt there will be varying views. Price and value are subjective so it’s ok to disagree with each other as long as we all respect mileage may vary. I am of course referring to the cost of the Adeptus Titanicus Grand Master boxed bundle. I’m going to refer to it as such as that’s effectively how Specialist Games want to position it; a limited print run bundle of the rulebook pack and gaming aids with some of the new terrain, two Warlord kits and two Knight kits (6 Knights in total). Limited as they don’t know how well it will sell but if well then they will likely do more runs as demand dictates.

The ‘how well’ part is clearly going to be influenced by price and that appears to be as good as in the wild from a number of retailers now in advance of this weekends pre-order date. So let’s jump straight in with the £175 RRP that is being shared over social media. With many online retailers discounting anywhere between 10-25% on average you should be able to pick up a copy for around £140. That puts it significantly north of any of the boxes or bundles to date and only you can decide whether that represents value to you for going all in at the get go versus picking up the rulebook and waiting for the smaller Titan kits to launch if the Warlord is a bit too steep a climb in one go. I can only speak personally and knowing my love of the game and the high probability I will collect and paint as a minimum one loyalist and one traitor maniple with accompanying Knight banners, I know I am going to be buying more than a couple of the kits. For me it makes sense to secure those kits as cheaply as I possibly can even if that means well in advance of when I actually need them by leveraging the pre-order discounts and bundle discount to the max. There is also the small detail that I will be dedicating a massive part of my twitch season to modelling and painting Titanicus so I need to keep the costs as low as I possibly can (unless of course someone would like to sponsor the channel hint hint Forgeworld!). No? Well, worth a try.

For me the price is pretty much where I expected. As an RRP probably towards the high end of my expectation (I thought £150) but in the right ballpark and certainly hasn’t dampened my enthusiasm for Titanicus one bit. Having seen all the components first hand at Warhammer Fest and the Warhammer Community build-up I love the product quality and all the attention to detail. Return of Titanicus is a massive hobby milestone so this is one heresy train I shall definitely be purchasing my ticket to ride come the weekend and pre-orders go live. The next ten days are going to be unbearable.

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  1. Michael August 7, 2018 at 6:27 pm - Reply

    So I had a massive panic and fit when they announced the prices – it’s $290USD. That’s… expensive, to say the least. But after calming down and giving it some thought, it’s a reasonable price for what you’re getting in the box, even more so from an online retailer. I probably will not be able to afford it this time around, but I might get the rules and start saving for a Warlord. A lot of people seem to be forgetting that all of this is available separately as well, and that they can always split the box contents with a friend.

    • Carl Woodrow August 7, 2018 at 9:51 pm - Reply

      Totally get response Michael, and I’m fortunate to be in UK which is about as cheap as it’s going to get. I think that might be a smart move for no other reason that I have a feeling rulebooks are going to be in plenty supply and holding back on the Warlord to maybe save for a Reaver and a couple of Warhounds may be the more intended route. Absolutely agree on splitting the box, there have been really up front on the Grand Master Edition being aimed at those that want to go all in from the get go and net a little savings on the bundle. It’s not intended to be a starter set but it’s really hard not to interpret it that way regardless. Word is if this run sells out they have a second print option pencilled in for 2019 so I think there will be plenty opportunity to get it.

  2. Michael Tonks August 7, 2018 at 6:33 pm - Reply

    I pre- pre-ordered mine today from my FLGS for £150. The thing with the price for me is this; I’ve been following this game’s development for 2 years – this isn’t some shocking new financial requirement that I wasn’t expecting!

    And hobby wise, 2 warlords, 6 knights, the scenery and the objectives will keep me painting for 6 months, which is around a tenner a week hobby spend…. Sounds reasonable enough to me, but I’ve always been good at Man-Maths!

    • Carl Woodrow August 7, 2018 at 9:57 pm - Reply

      Man-Maths is my new favourite thing. Thank you for that 🙂
      I pretty much agree with all you said. I’m fine with the price for what I’m getting and I’ve also been waiting a long time for this. It sounds like your autumn/winter hobby is all planned out rather nicely!

  3. Woody August 7, 2018 at 6:38 pm - Reply

    Its Titanicus, I’m in and buying the Grand Master set. It hasn’t been a surprise release, funds have been secured well in advance and away from the gaze of the Long Haired General 😬

    • Carl Woodrow August 7, 2018 at 10:00 pm - Reply

      Mission accomplished I’d say. Counting down the days then. Don’t forget all hobby purchases translate to one-tenth actual cost when being communicated to significant other due to the deflationary effect of the Heresy schism. It’s a scientifically proven fact.

  4. Iain (CyberShadow) August 8, 2018 at 3:42 am - Reply

    I am…. disappointed. Over here in Singapore the retail price is S$420, which is about 238 GBP. This irks me for three reasons. Firstly, its way north of any previous boxed set. Kill Team, Shadow War, Blood Bowl were all far more reasonable, and most of them included miniatures that you could use in other games, especially terrain pieces, etc. AT is limited to only AT. Secondly, the box contains Warlords and Knights, and lets be honest, nobody is buying it for the Knights and they wont really represent a ‘game’ on their own. This means that your investment will allow you to play one on one games only with a Warlord each side. That’s not great replay value for that price. And thirdly, the main reason that this is so expensive is because of the Warlords. And they are so expensive because they are pretty much 40K Knight sized. And they are that big because….. because….? The shift to 8mm was to exclude past collectors from just using their old minis, and the increased size even at a larger scale was to make big impressive miniatures. I get it, the miniatures are gorgeous and they will look great in other people cabinets. It didn’t need to be 8mm and huge. It could have been 4mm, drop the price of the box, drop the Knights and put at least four Warlords in with weapon options.

    At this point, I have pre-ordered the rules pack only, with a view to maybe picking up some Warlords later as finances allow. I don’t need the buildings or the Knights so it actually works out cheaper this way. But I am pretty much resigned to the fact that I will be the only player in my area and the game will have a pretty short shelf life. The worst part is I really feel that this has presented a huge barrier to get people into the game who never tried it before. I suspect that most people who buy the rules will use older Titan minis, and most people who buy the minis will do so for display. At that entry price, GW are essentially guaranteeing that it will be a one-shot release and not supported or get interest much beyond its release date, and that makes me sad, doubly so because it didn’t NEED to be that way.

    • Carl Woodrow August 8, 2018 at 8:56 pm - Reply

      Nearly £100 GBP more would almost certainly have put it over the top for me so I massively empathise with your position. As I said I’m writing from the somewhat fortunate position of UK retail pricing, so not in same position as yourself.
      I’ll come back to the Knights in a sec as I ‘partially’ agree with you and actually do agree on content. But let me colour my response first 🙂
      I honestly don’t believe the change in scale was done at a whim, or to invalidate current collections of Titans. The game has been out of print for so long it really isn’t in the thinking and I honestly believe that. The change in scale in my humble opinion is because it ‘is’ needed. It has been widely felt certainly by the Forgeworld designers and I subscribe to this that the original Titans were simply way too small. Now that the scale for Titans has been largely accepted in 40K (and arguably they are still scaled down for practicalities sake), the designers had a true measure to go by in the Warlord as they had CAD files. This meant it could be properly scaled for Epic and the Reaver and Warhound brought in line. The Knight I believe was added to supply a yardstick most players could relate to as Knights are pretty popular so it’s a great reference point for the Warlord and the scale the game is set at. The more I have given this thought the more I think the upscaling of the models to accurately reflect their 30K/40K counterparts is a good thing for Epic as it removed any doubt how big they are giving them a proper presence in Epic again if you want to use them that way (I know I do!).
      Does it invalidate previous collections? Yes, unfortunately I guess it does in the sense if you buy any of the new kits previous models are going to look significantly out of place as a by-product. That gives players a choice of only using their current collection with the rules, which I don’t think is great, or having to accept the new edition addresses a previous scale issue and go with it at the expense of any old models we have been jealously hoarding the past thirty years.
      I’m in exactly the same boat having a decent sized collection but to me the visual appeal of finally having a Warlord looking properly righteous is worth the sacrifice. Others mileage may vary I appreciate. Either way I genuinely don’t think there was any malicious intent to invalidate collection; what would be the point? Just trying to put my lens on it.

      Where I potentially do agree with you is the box contents. I think they decided on the Warlords for impact. Would two Reavers and 4 Warhounds be better instead, or Two Reavers, 2 Warhounds and terrain? Maybe that would have held the price down to something more palatable, or more likely held that price but felt like a more significant bundle and better represented the start of a proper maniple rather than just two Warlords plus small banner slugging it out. I’m leaning towards maybe and then people could have added in the Warlord as a following month release then finally Knights etc. I simply don’t have the cost facts on production or ROI to know thinking behind the contents of the GME unfortunately.

      I do think you made the right call to get the rules pack and see how things develop. At worst I don’t see why can use the rules with existing miniatures if fortunate to have them. Or wait and see how well the game takes before jumping in. Plus the rules pack does come with some nifty gaming aids 🙂

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