Blood Angels Repulsor – Part 2

///Blood Angels Repulsor – Part 2

Midway through the Blood Angels Repulsor build and paint, so another stream upload to YouTube. Slowly but surely my 40K Blood Angels are moving towards a mechanised assault force with both the Intercessors and Assault Squad now having transports available and a recent expedition into the deeper trenches of the bits box unmasking 8-10 bikes to go with the Land Speeders. I say Speeders (plural) because of course there is still the Forgeworld event only classic Heresy Era speeder to tackle. I’ve all but ear-marked it for the Blood Angels as I’m likely to go with Javelins for the VIth. My only reservation being the rumour of a new ‘Primaris’ bike making an appearance in the Autumn. Either way a couple of formations of bikes can only be a good thing where the Blood Angels are concerned.

More soon…

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