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//, Ultramarines/1,700 Points: Terminated

It’s been a bit of an exciting week hobby wise all round. What with The Hobbit release from GW, the anticipation of Dreadball now shipping from Mantic and we have all the makings of a busy December on the new and shiny toy front.

However, it is still Epic that occupies my painting station currently and I am pleased to say I have stormed past the next target of 1700 points with the addition of a further two Ultramarine 2nd Company detachments.

First up are a detachment of Terminators, which add some hard-hitting objective takers. Put into cover, Space Marine Terminators are notoriously resilient and tenacious when it comes to securing key objectives, so they were a “must have” as part of my early selection. To give them a bit more presence I also mounted them on larger 20mm x 40mm Warmaster format bases, something I did with the Salamander Terminators that I thought looked really effective. The extra space allowed me to space them out a little more randomly and even add a couple of extra scenery components, all which help give the army a less regimented look.

To help this even further I mixed up the numbers a little by having two bases with four figures and the others with five. Again, this could signify casualties in the squads and positions which hadn’t yet been filled from the veteran ranks. All details which add a little more character and stop every stand looking from looking the same. Still have to do something with the Captains gorget, face and hair (it’s just plain flesh coloured right now which is a little creepy!), but other than that, they are game ready.

I mentioned a week or two back that I really wanted to make more use out of the white vehicle markings to draw the various model heritages together. The Predator detachment is where I really think this has worked nicely, matching up sponsons, or turret colours to mask the differences in the style of miniature. Some ‘turret-swapping’ mashups on the more recent editions also help to shake things up nicely.

Easily my favourite formation to date , it contains the broadest mix of models all the way from 1st Edition through to current day. The Mk I ‘Deimos’ I am probably most pleased with as I was worried how well it would integrate with the Epic 40,000 era variants, there being such a big gulf in detail between the two. Although it is fair so say it lacks the level of detail the Epic 40,000 range had, it nevertheless doesn’t feel entirely out of place.

Where I think this has worked has been through using the palette and markings to emphasise rather than try to hide the differences, especially with the dome-shaped turrets. I really believe this one detachment has done the most to really bring to life the mixed heritage appearance of the armour in the same way it has for my 40K scale version. This has helped me feel a lot more confident that the finished appearance will tie together cohesively even with such a broad mix of miniatures.

Like the Vindicators, I used a few simple weathering tricks to break up the markings and icons. Once the entire force is done I may also re-visit the vehicles to add some specific weathering to the tracks before calling it a day. Leaving it until the end means I can mix up a single batch of ‘mud’ ensuring all of them match. That plus I am still undecided if it is necessary, or would even add anything.

Both of these detachments take me over the 1700 points total when you include the Deimos Pattern Hunter from earlier. For the bonus miniatures this time I dusted off three of the objective markers I did several years back and gave them a fresh coat of ‘grime’ and weathering to make them more relevant to the Ultramarines. These are the Vox Relay, Prometheum Dump and Generator. I am also looking for ideas for a fourth objective so am going to throw that open to you lot. Let me know either in the comments here, or via the thread on the TacCmd forum your suggestions or ideas for an Ultramarine themed objective marker. It needs to be self contained, so no bigger than something I can fit on a 40 mm x 40 mm sized base (or 60mm ‘Titan’ sized round at most). If any of the ideas grab me I will look at incorporating it into a future update.

Well, that was an update and a half. I have to confess I am getting through painting the Ultramarines far quicker than I originally anticipated and I am not sure why. Partly I think making more use of the airbrush and weathering has sped a lot of the process up, but even taking that into account I wasn’t anticipating I would be this far into the army by the start of December. Not that I am complaining. The ‘bonus’ reward minis are helping strangely enough. I know they are a cheap phycological trick I have set for myself, but it does make a difference in helping to keep the motivation up when painting a large force of broadly the same miniatures. The next formations I have in plan are going to be a bit of a grind, but to help, I have chosen a bonus miniature(s) I have been looking for an excuse to include for over twenty years.

So with the lure set, I have pushed the next stretch target out to a hefty 2500 points. Now we are starting to get serious.

If I am going to ‘speed’ through that anytime soon I will really need to ‘get on my bike’. There may have been a clue or two in there as to the next detachments I have in mind.

Until then, have a great week.


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  1. Iain December 4, 2012 at 9:58 pm - Reply

    Clearly, the next unit will be Dreadnoughts! :~) I have to admit to really not being a fan of those v1 Predators, but you are absolutely right that a good paint job really makes them seem less ‘out of place’ and more ‘historical’ in their appearance. Very imrpessive.

  2. Carl Woodrow December 4, 2012 at 10:10 pm - Reply

    Thanks Iain. You are right, Dreadnoughts are coming …. but that’s not what’s next sorry 😉
    Have to keep guessing.

  3. Gilbear December 7, 2012 at 11:12 pm - Reply

    Another fantastic update Carl!

    I really like the old AT-era and SM1-era models, I think they were the real precursors to the E40k stuff in terms of spirit and detail… The SM2-era stuff was sadly pretty simplified and chunky. That said, I always did like the Predators you have shown, despite not being too keen on the sponsons. Your paintjobs and weathering have really helped break up the familiar shapes a lot though, and that allows them to blend in much better with each other.

    In fact, if you are after some variant Rhinos to mix in with the plastic and EA-era models, check out Ebay for the old metal Mk1 Rhinos if you don’t have some already. They are surprisingly nice models, well detailed and are actually quite cheap if you are prepared to just hoover up random-quantity batches of them and paint-strip them. I think I acquired some 50 that way! =03 These old metal Rhinos are a useful base for other variants too, like Razorbacks to mix in with the E40k and EA versions (as the SM2 ones were awful).

    I’m also liking the grizzled look of the terminators, and am a little surprised that you didn’t give any of them the obvious Assault Cannon conversion! Do you have any character Terminators planned (like a Librarian or a Chaplain)?

    Finally, classic Epic Objective stand-bys have been bunkers and missile silos of various sorts. You could also try an epic-scale Honoured Imperium using a 40k Space Marine model and some spare Imperial eagles? Or a Techmarine desperately trying to save an illustrious Chapter vehicle (maybe a Land Raider or a Dreadnought) whilst he awaits reinforcements? A downed Thunderhawk that needs rescuing? Or even something based around a vignette that nods towards the Battle For Macragge boxed starter?

    • Carl Woodrow December 9, 2012 at 1:34 pm - Reply

      Thanks Gilbear. I do actually have a few of the original Mk I ‘metal’ Rhinos and Land Raiders so no worries there.

      There is a reason a haven’t dont any assault cannon or character conversions on the Terminators, which hopefully I can answer in the next update. But the short version is I’ve done them before and they are not the primary focus of this particular army; the old school palette, mixed era’s and weathering is. That’s not to say I wont re-visit them and add characters afterwards. Those certainly won’t be the ‘only’ Terminators, but it does mean I can discipline myself to get a decent core force put together quickly without distraction and can then treat myself to the luxury of a bit more flexibility on additional detachments later. There will definately be more ‘character’ models cropping up shortly, such as an Apothecary in one of the Tactical squads and a Chaplain with some Assault squads. All later in the current schedule though, lots to get through before I get to those yet.

      The stranded/disabled Illustrious Chapter vehicle objective is a nice idea, as is the downed Thunderhawk. In fact I did exactly that objective for the Salamanders a few years back so didn’t want to repeat it for the Ultramarines. All good stuff though and I will add them to the melting pot for that 4th objective.

  4. John December 10, 2012 at 6:25 am - Reply

    Hey Carl, really enjoying watching this army develop. Your level of attention to detail, even in this scale is remarkable and inspiring. Always enjoy seeing these updates

    • Carl Woodrow December 10, 2012 at 8:05 am - Reply

      Thanks John, I’m glad you are finding them interesting.

  5. Nico December 10, 2012 at 8:03 pm - Reply

    Great job Carl, it’s still a pleasure to see you working on Epic. Your Ultramarines are just fantastic. The weathering works fine even on small peces. I do love your objectives markers too, the weathering and re-painting on them is very fine.

    Here’s some ideas for other objectives markers:

    -Rescue mission : Recon squad lost with wounded crews in ennemy territory
    – Blue Hawk Down : An aircraft or Recon Drone is down behin ennemy lines
    – Campaign HQ : The place to be for a good headquarter
    – Bunker : as it seems
    – Planetary Defense System : Underground base with missiles silo. The missiles are used to strike ennemy spaceships

    Made some objectives with that kind of concept. Find them here :


    Can’t wait to see the next update !

    • Carl Woodrow December 11, 2012 at 8:19 am - Reply

      Thanks Nico. Really like the ‘rescue mission’ idea a lot, what a great concept. I shall have a think about a few designs along that theme this weekend. Downed flyers seem very popular, I was considering another flyer myself (non-Thunderhawk this time though as done that). But I like the idea of a Recon Drone, that’s a new take on it. Maybe an ‘enemy’/Alien drone would be interesting too.

      Some great ideas there, but definitely liking the scout one.

      Really liking your objectives in the link by the way, especially the Imperial Radar Station. Each one tells a story which is exactly what an objective should do, lots of wonderful tiny details for the eye as well. The burned out Rhino as well is great attention to detail. Great stuff!

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