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Been so busy immersing myself back in the world of Epic 6mm I’ve lost track of a few projects that had been gestating earlier in the year, namely all those Kickstarters. Fortunately, there has been quite a lot of hobby news this week there has been a bit of an overload of ‘future painting’ mojo; some good, some not so.

Mantic: Dreadball

Not wanting to count my chickens too soon, but I have to say Mantic really appear to have delivered a masterclass in “how to run a Kickstarter”. Latest news from the guys in Nottingham is Dreadball is pretty much ready to ship and they are just receiving the last of eight initial MVP’s right now. Expectations are the base game will start to ship from this Monday coming and for those on the Striker pledge (which I piled in for) from the Monday following. The fact that it is shipping before Christmas and true to their word is impressive. Even more so that they have managed the get some of the MVP’s completed ahead of schedule. If the quality of the finished product is as sharp as their estimating then it is looking like it will be a sporty holiday. Very much looking forward to this.

Zzor season two team concept – Image © Mantic Games all rights reserved, used without permission.

Studio McVey: Sedition Wars – The Battle For Alabaster

The news from Mike isn’t quite as rosy as that from Mantic as Sedition Wars has unfortunately been delayed due to printing issues in China. You can read the full story on the Studio McVey Forum, but to be frank they have done remarkably well to contain the delays as much as they have done. The estimated shipping date was predicted to be November. The current expectations are that it will get shipped from China sometime in the next few weeks, which pretty much means it won’t now arrive on the doorstep before the New Year.

Keegan Kor (But of course you all know who it REALLY is I hope). Image © Studio McVey all rights reserved, used without permission.

Disappointing for sure, but hardly a huge setback. Looking at the positives, Mike put up an ‘unboxing’ video of the finished product a week or so ago which looks great. There are also an increasing number of ‘work in progress’ shots of some of the stretch goal characters surfacing and they look sensational. Really pleased I backed this project and more than happy to wait an extra month or so for the boxed game to ship. For one it will give me more time to push on with Epic and give me a chance to focus of Dreadball as well.

Games Workshop: The Hobbit

Finally revealed earlier today, Games Workshop’s successor to Lord of the Rings: Strategy Battle is less than one week away from launch. Aside from the inevitable price increase and subsequent grumbling, this looks like a better boxed set than I have to say I was expecting. I don’t think the fact it contains Thorin’s company plus Bilbo and Gandalf should have been much of a surprise, or that it is set in Goblin Town as that was pretty much the only real skirmish of any size in the first part of the book. What was a surprise however was the quality of the designs, which are quite frankly jaw-droppingly stunning. Each of the Dwarves so closely resembles their film counterpart it is positively uncanny. Clearly the sensational painting of the ‘Eavy Metal team in mimicking the actors makeup also goes a long way towards completing the effect, but they really do look remarkably like the actors in question. Brilliant stuff.

No idea at this stage how the rules compare to the current Strategy Battle rules, but the miniatures have truly won me over so I will be picking up a boxed set hopefully next weekend regardless.

Taking that lot into account above, the current re-discovery of my Epic Scale ‘mojo’ and a more than passing interest in Flames or War and Fantasy Flights X-Wing, I reckon 2013 is going to be a crazy year hobby wise.

And it isn’t even December yet!

Next update will be back to Epic, so that is enough gossip and rants from me for a while.



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