Winter cleanout

Site News If you are reading this then hopefully it won't have escaped your attention I've been giving the old site a long overdue overhaul. With the move to a streaming format I wanted to strip back the blog to a simple format and build out some proper galleries in support of the channel. It also has to said creates a somewhat nicer browsing experience with more photos/less guff. He says. Sadly it didn't come free, whatever does? But I'm considering it a good investment in the channel as it lets me add all sorts of whizzy galleries far far easier than before, which means less hacking about code and more hacking up miniatures. That's got to be a good thing. [...]

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Excuse my dust

I'm giving the site a complete overhaul so please excuse any temporary loss of content, warping of reality or unexpected post emails (my bad!). Normality will be resumed just as soon as I work out what is normal anyway. Until then this is (hopefully) somewhat functional.

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Winter (and Season Two) is coming

On Fridays somewhat belated stream (life and all its shenanigans) I briefly talked about Season Two, for want of a better title on Twitch. The first couple of months since I started this journey/adventure/endeavour have really been about finding my feet and learning the gotchas of live streaming. Season One was always going to be about figuring things out and learning the basics before I make a decision whether or not to take it to the next stage and make it a regular part of my hobby. It was also about getting the right kit in place to launch Season Two properly and that (I think) I've largely cracked now having diverted most of the past two months hobby kitty towards new broadcast equipment and [...]

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Poor Duncan Pretty sure two years ago this would have never happened. Still loving the new GW. Oh and Beast of Nurgle #allegedly

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No stream this week

Just a super quick note to say there won't be any stream this week as I've a number of other commitment clashes. I will be back next week however with my regular schedule and talking about all of the good things below... Until then, have a great week.

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Twitch Affiliate and Me

Now that I'm back to my regular schedule (yay!) I've had a chance to do some thinking and a bit of research on the Twitch Affiliate programme and what it means to me. Short answer: absolutely nothing right now as I won't be accepting their invite. Slightly longer answer as to why: When I take into account what I want from my broadcasting, which is mostly just to share my work with anyone who may find it interesting or beneficial, get some motivation for my own painting and just get some fun from my hobby, the affiliation doesn't really give me much in the way of additional benefits other than the monetisation opportunity. As I'm not actually wanting viewers to fund my hobby I neither [...]

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All is dust

I had such plans and a really great intro for October, really I did. It went something along the lines of "The XIV Legion ~ fourteen years in the making". Not making it up either; I first started my Death Guard back in 2003 for the 40K GT Finals and found them again fourteen years later in 2017 when I started doing a force for the Horus Heresy. I had such plans to apply some simple touch-ups to the original force and use the new Death Guard plastics as a way to tie 10,000 years of history between them. Showing an evolution of what they once were to what they have now become. Well I thought it was a pretty neat idea anyway. And then [...]

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It is with great sadness

I simply have no words. Nothing. I would draw your attention to a post by Aaron Dembski-Bowden this morning who can articulate far better than I the sad passing away of Forgeworld and Horus Heresy extraordinaire Alan Bligh last night. It makes this weekends Warhammer Fest all that more poignant and a testimony to how much pleasure he brought to our, my, hobby. I was merely a consumer of his great works and never had the pleasure of meeting him personally, but I know I shall miss him. RIP Alan

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