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Broken budget, broken arm

There's no way to dress it up, October has been a disastrous month for me painting wise. A catalogue of health issues which I'm not going to go into as I hate whinging, but you can probably figure out the one that put the stoppers on.  it’s not all bad news however as I still managed to rattle out a few items throughout September, including more Dreadball extras and MVPs, a couple of weapon teams for Flames of War including some Opel Blitz transport and a handful of Russian Stalinet tractors. The latter were a present for a friends Birthday which I decided to also paint for him, it being his 50th. I am not about to suddenly start a Russian army for Flames just [...]

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A second breakfast

Despite all of the hullabaloo over pricing, I did pick up a copy of both the Hobbit starter set, book and a few minis over the weekend and took a bit of time out from my Epic scale winter challenge to pick over them. Overall, I found the quality of the miniatures to be truly exceptional, albeit with a few points you might want to consider when  assembling them. Before I get into the meat of it though, I want to add the following caveat just to manage readers expectations. I will not be focusing on the price, or what I feel are the merits or de-merits of Games Workshop's ticket price for entry into the Middle Earth Strategy Battle system as part of this post. [...]

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When all this was fields

I have been scratching my terrain itch these past few weeks, with a return to Middle Earth and some new gaming boards to work on. As a result of the workshop clear out last month, I re-discovered a set of six vac-form modular gaming panels from Warscape. Sadly the manufacturer ceased trading many years ago before really getting going, but not before I purchased a few pieces. With the sudden renewed interest in Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle, I thought they would be perfect as the game plays well on even a modest amount of gaming space real estate. Not anywhere near as rigid or detailed as Games Workshop’s Realm of Battle boards, they nevertheless have enough texture and features to paint onto directly. [...]

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WIP: Cave Troll

Last weekend I kept my promise to get the workshop up and running again. A task easier said than done. Requiring a degree of bits box dexterity, I eventually manage to unpack enough sprue to clear a space large enough to migrate some figure cases into. Which in turn opened up access to the seedier parts of the terrain shelves and bookcase. These were then re-tasked as storage racks, whilst the painting station was temporarily uncovered permitting an assessment of the work needed. Two small controlled explosions later and the paint rotunda was turning freely and most of the painting palettes un-stuck from each other. The spray section is sadly a write off and will require bricking up, but I fully expected there would be [...]

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Iron sharks and Isengard

Firstly happy Father's Day to all you "Dads" out there. I find it hard enough to make time for my hobby without additional distractions, so I take my hat off to anyone who manages to fit it around their duties as a parent as well. Kudos to ya, respect! This weekend has literally flown by in a blur of household chores, catching up with the "Fringe" finale, the discovery of sour cream and jalapeno popcorn and more miniature planning. As you can probably tell I am a bit fired up with the painting at the moment and was particularly keen to make progress on a number of pieces that have been loitering around in addition to the  Ultramarines (more on those later). Projects I am [...]

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Menacing Mirkwood

Conscious of the fact I haven’t posted anything for a while, I thought I ought to sit down and bring the blog up to date with the story so far. Last year was a bit of a Lord of the Rings year for me, having finally gotten into the game as an excuse to trying something different to my usual sci-fi fare. With a far more simplified and streamlined army selection process and an entirely different approach to painting to what I am normally used to, I have to say I have found the whole break from 40K thoroughly enjoyable. Since I last posted I have continued to switch back and forth between the forces of good and evil. Working on two different armies at [...]

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The fall of Gondor

View on flickr Bar some final touches with weathering powders and a little extra ground clutter to fill the base in a little more, the Gondorian ruins set is pretty much ready for gaming. I think adding the stone paving was the right way to go as it gave the building a defined 'footprint' and added weight to the piece both visually and literally (it doesn't slide around the board one bit, thats for sure!) Cast in herculite the base should be more than capable of standing up to quite a few years of gaming. I had toyed around with making the building two storey to fit in more with the tower the Studio did and may yet create a second piece from the parts [...]

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Shades of Angmar

View on flickrHappy days as my my DigPro mini studio soft light box arrived. Only briefly set it up to check everything worked, but used the Army of Dead I am working on at the moment as a way of testing it out.Avoiding the usual ghostly greens of the 'Oathbreakers', I decided to try a number of sepia and brown washes over a base of pale ghostly colours and bronzed armour. Now that I have viewed them again however I am wondering if a light verdigris weathering on the bronzed armour plates might work well. The Gondor ruins I started earlier in the week are also almost complete now and just require a little time this evening to fully dry before I add the final [...]

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Ruins of Gondor Stage Two

See more on flickr In order to give Kev and I a bit of variety of terrain to battle over and to stop the Gondorian tower looking so odd on its own, I have been working on a second more permanent set of ruins. Based around the recently released Osgiliath Ruins set from GW. Unlike the scatter pieces I quickly painted up for our last skirmish, these are more permanently based on a combination of heavy mounting card and foamcore. To add a little more detail I also added a layer of stone paving cast in Herculite from Hirst Arts moulds. These also add a fair bit of weight to the piece ensuring it doesn't slide around on the gaming table inappropriately. The first two [...]

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Their roots go deep

I put my hands up, it has been a long, dark, cold several months without any updates to this blog. I am often pretty idle hobby wise over the winter months, but this year has been particularly slow to start. I won’t go into the details, but suffice to say I am back creating much mess in my workshop now the evenings are lighter. What has currently been occupying my thoughts is the subject of trees. Many trees in fact. I have been itching to branch out a bit (yes, first pun of the year!) and try my hand at Lord of the Rings. Those that know me well are probably already aware that I am a huge fan of Tolkien and what’s probably more [...]

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