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Deadzone: Plague Ground Zero

As you will have seen from my previous post I've been pushing on with my wave one Deadzone factions in order to get some games in. To date I've assembled three of the factions; the Plague, Marauders and Enforcers. Out of all of them the Plague are probably the easiest to paint in my opinion, being organic in their appearance and painting style. They are also the signature protagonist in Deadzone, so it seemed fitting to getting them ready first. Similar to the terrain I chose a ‘functional’ paint approach to get them to a table-top standard as quickly as possible. This consisted of a bascoat of Ratskin Flesh which I airbrushed over all of the Generation Three miniatures including the two Plague Hounds. I followed this up [...]

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Deadzone Terrain

I've been sticking with the terrain theme this week and rocking out with Mantic's Deadzone plastic building kits. The inspiration for the palette is entirely down to Respawn's Titanfall game for the XBox, which I make no apologies for being totally addicted to. As soon as I saw the in-game environments the first thought that occurred to me was "these would be fantastic as a Deadzone battlefield". The whole frontier world colony feel to Titanfall meshes beautifully with the way Mantic have designed the plastic terrain. There is very much a re-purposed shipping crate look to the whole setup which works well not only with how the Deadzone rule mechanics work, but also the backstory. The terrain shown here is made only with what was [...]

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Bugs vs Robots

Sounds a bit like a classic 'B' Movie line-up, but it is actually the final two teams from my DreadBall Season Two loot. With Season Three and the final wave of Kickstarter miniatures from Mantic rapidly approaching, I thought it would be a good idea to rattle through the last of the unpainted teams. For me, that was only the Robots and the Z'zor as I hadn't pledged for either the Female Corporation or Judwan teams; opting instead to just stick with the free bonus figures that came with the Striker package. Those I simply plan to add into existing teams as 'wildcard' types, or in the case of the Female Corp as straight forward alts in my Human Corporation team. Both teams were an exercise [...]

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Rats lose cheese

Time for a mid-week catch up on the painting score. This week I have completed the second Tactical Detachment for my Epic scale Ultramarines. Nothing really to write home about, the only change I made was to include an Apothecary on one of the stands and flip the colour palette on one of the Rhino’s to signify his presence in the formation. Also complete this week are the second of my teams for Dreadball; the Black-Pitch Stealers. I wasn’t really that sold on the orange and off-white kit colour for the Stealers in the rulebook, but quite liked the more weathered version shown in the artwork. Adding a little green for the off-colour and mixing up the flesh tones from pale vermin to brown-black gave [...]

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Straightening out the Skittersneak

First things first. I hope everyone is having a relaxing and enjoyable festive break (for those lucky enough to be off). I often find hobby time is at a premium this time of the year, what with visitors, lots to do and although I always aim to get some painting done during the break inevitably I can't seem to set aside any significant time. Instead I resort to cleaning and assembling miniatures instead when I manage to steal a little time for myself here and there. Today was such a day and I thought I would put it to good use assembling the rest of the Dreadball Teams, in particular the Forge Fathers and Veer-myn. Nothing really post worthy as such, but in doing so I did realise there may be [...]

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Dreadball – A word from our sponsor

In a brief deviation from the norm, the workbench has been invaded by Orx (yes, that is the correct spelling apparently). I have been cleaning up and painting the starting roster for my initial Dreadball team; the “New Hades Buccaneers”. The ‘Striker’ pledge level for Mantic’s Dreadball Kickstarter came with all manner of team goodness last week, including all four Season One teams fully filled out. Some of the alternative sculpts won’t arrive until the second wave spring next year, but it still leaves me with more than enough to get painting in the meantime. This is the first time I have ever handled miniatures from Mantic and in particular the injection plastic resin they use. I have to say, I am more pleased with [...]

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