Infinity: Token effort

while I was over in Ireland Killian showed me a set of homemade tokens for Infinity created using self adhesive acrylic domes. I thought the idea was pure genius so I've replicated the method here. All you need are a set of card tokens (order or otherwise), these can be the ones included in the Operation Ice Storm starter, from the miniature packaging outer carton or even just printed off versions. You then need a few strips of 1" round acrylic domes. These are often advertised for bottle cap art and crafts and are available from craft and hobby stores and of course online. A quick search should turn up plenty of options, the cheapest I found were from China and cost around £6 for [...]

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Infinity Yu Jing: Zhanshi

I made a promise to myself on the way back home that I'd capitalise on the motivation from the boot camp to immediately crack on and get the starter set painted and game ready. This is the first stage of keeping that promise and is all about laying down the basics. The Zhanshi are the line troops for the Yu Jing and three of them are included in the set I received. As these were the first troops I learned the game with it seemed appropriate that they also be the first on the painting table. Before I get too deeply into that though there's some  pre-preparation that needs to be addressed. The boot camp was a great event for getting them cleaned up, built [...]

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Learning Infinity – Part Two

Part two and the final post summing up the Beasts of War Infinity Boot Camp. Friday and Saturday were all about the set up, hobby and learning how Infinity works. It was also a fair bit of eating, drinking and generally kicking back with a bunch of sound fellas who are just as into pushing wee soldiers about as I am. So a pretty good weekend when you look at it like that. Sunday however got serious as the game-faces came out. There were prizes at stake...proper prizes. Fortunately this wasn't a 40K GT so when all was said and done the final two games of the weekend were really about putting into practice everything learned throughout the Saturday with the added bonus of including the TAG. [...]

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Learning Infinity – Part One

As you'll have seen from my previous post I've been putting together a Yu Jing starter force for Infinity in an effort to finally get some traction learning the game. Normally the way these things work is I get a bunch of miniatures, quite often through whatever starter box the company does (Operation Icestorm in this instance) and that's about as far as it gets for a while. Which obviously isn't all that effective. This time things should hopefully be different as I de-camped from the man-cave last Friday and headed to Ireland for the Infinity Boot Camp being hosted at Beasts of War and run by Carlos (aka @Bostria) Designer for Infinity from Corvus Belli. Carlos explaining the background, features and attributes of the Yu-Jing faction starter [...]

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Remotes, Panzers and Brokkrs

There's so much going on in the workshop right now it's getting hard to keep on track with any plans. It seems as soon as one thing has cleared the painting table another two arrive so I'll keep it brief tonight. Recently added to the completed list is a pair of Yu Jing faction Remotes for Infinity. These aren't the start of a new army list for Infinity or anything as I'll be going pretty much with the two Operation Ice Storm starter forces of Pano and Nomads (If you follow my G+ page this probably isn't new news as I posted them a while back). They are simply a box I bought a few years back just out of curiosity to see what the miniatures were [...]

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