Dreadfleet Reaver

Continuing with the diversity theme on the painting table this week with the first of what will hopefully be a regular slot for Dreadfleet. Like many who bought the stand-alone nautically themed game it was primarily for the miniatures. Which was probably just as well as the game allegedly turned out to be riper than a washed up Kraken carcass rule wise. To be fair there is a germ of a good game in Dreadfleet I believe, it just needs a few of the more frustratingly random events and rule mechanics reworked from what I am hearing. Putting that aside for now though, I would like to get everything painted up still, the miniatures are just too nice to sit in the box unmolested. So, [...]

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All at sea

Securing quality painting time this week has been a bit of an uphill struggle. However I did manage to find some time to sit down and work on the rest of the islands, shipwrecks and sea-bases for Dreadfleet this evening. The sculpted bases are one of the many little details I really like, having seen similar on some of Spartan's Dystopian Wars miniatures. The Dreadfleet ones in particular are so well textured they are almost entirely foolproof to paint if you follow Games Workshop's guide, which is pretty much what I did with the exception of a couple of minor tweaks. As I had primed the bases in white, the Regal Blue basecoat comes out a lot bolder and brighter. To counter this and bring [...]

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Carracks and Cogs

If, like me, you had no idea why they kept referring to the auxiliaries in Dreadfleet as "cogs", apparently it is because a 'cog' is a single-masted, square-rigged vessel whereas the three-masted 'carrack' mixed square and lateen sails making them far easier to manoeuvre (source: Wikipedia - 'Naval Tactics in the Age of Sail'). Hopefully you are now as enlightened as I am, or possibly was already more enlightened than me, which, truth be known is far more likely. Yes, this week has mostly been about painting the models from Dreadfleet, in particular the two star protagonists, the Heldenhammer and Bloody Reaver. I opted to start with the two flagships as they feature in the introductory scenario and I am keen to get some games underway [...]

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Nobody move … I’ve dropped my brain!

It is hard to avoid the pirate theme running through Games Workshop at the moment and love it or loathe it, Dreadfleet is out and making waves (oh yes, I so did that pun). Despite the best efforts of a few malcontents who seem to have a personal axe to grind against anything GW produces, for whatever reason, I really like the game and having purchased it on a bit of a whim have really fallen for the character in the miniatures and the production values of the box contents overall. So count me at least as one happy customer. Before I start droning on about it though, I thought it would be better to make an apology for the sudden drought of posts the [...]

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