Forces painted in the dim and distant past

2002 Tournament Sand Jackals

With the exception of the Space Wolves (which I no longer have), this is probably the oldest 40K army I painted and still have access to, somewhere? It may be buried deep in storage but it's certainly not forgotten. By my current standard the paint palette is dreadfully flat, but I still like the theme of the force even if it's somewhat dated now. This was my second attempt at a 40K Tournament and if I recall the Recon heavy nature of the force gave a number of my opponents more than a few headaches. If it had one big weakness it was a lack of elite and heavy weapon specialist which meant armour heavy opponents in particular were a tough nut for me to crack. [...]

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Babylon 5

I have started migrating across some of the legacy content from the Dropship website and the first candidate happened to be my old Babylon 5 miniatures. Mongoose Publishing ceased production and support of the Babylon 5 range after opting to not renew the licence a few years back, however the 'A Call to Arms' ruleset is still very much alive and well worth a look at if you have never played a skirmish fleet action game before. Currently the latest edition of the rules are wrapped around the 'Fading Suns RPG' background and has recently been relaunched with a new range of miniatures based on Noble Armada. Back to Babylon 5 however and liking the game as I did I invested in a fair few [...]

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