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Engine Kill

It's generally not a good idea to update the blog when tired, yet here I find myself doing exactly that at the end of what's been a hectic week. Sadly not all hobby unfortunately, work having curtailed half of the week's activity and putting an end to wednesday's stream. Despite all of that however I've made great headway on stage one of the Malign Portents painting challenge for Age of Sigmar and wrapped up all of the Plaguebearers and Plague Drones with the exception of the Herald. All in all a really good start which has left me a couple of evenings spare before taking them over to the store. Just as well really as it's looking like it's going to be another frustrating week [...]

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Malign Portent

If you managed to catch Friday's stream, you'll have seen me wrapping up painting of the first four Death Guard from the Dark Imperium set. These have been some of the nicest miniatures by Games Workshop I've ever assembled and painted; they go together like a dream and the scope of unique detail practically makes each a character in their own right. Absolutely love them and generally speaking that goes for most of the Death Guard/Nurgle Daemon range released recently. So much so I've been tempted into painting an Age of Sigmar 'Getting Started' box by 10th Feb for a local store challenge. I've been trying to start a small warband for Age of Sigmar but have never managed to keep it on the painting table [...]

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Shadespire – Reavers

Painting Garrek's Reavers, the muscle-bound berserkers of Khorne turned out to be a lot more fun to paint than I was expecting. From the start I set myself two goals: Keep it simple, tabletop standard. Details like eyes, blending or multiple layers were avoided and I stuck to the basics of clean base colours, shades and a simple highlight. I did add a paint effect for the blood which is a quick way of giving them another point of interest but other than that speed was the name of the game. Despite all of that and being easy-assemble pre-coloured miniatures I'm really happy how they turned out when painted. They are not a hundred miles from Games Workshop's standard plastic kits and I'm pretty confident [...]

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Shadespire – Steelheart

After two streams and a little background painting Severin Steelheart's warband for Warhammer Underworld: Shadespire is complete and ready for the arena. To summarise where I deviated from the recommended Games Workshop scheme, I began by applying the gold basecoat, first highlight and initial shade with the airbrush first (see Prologue for more details), then edge highlighted with Scale 75 Elven Gold and Citrine Alchemy. What I didn't show in the live session was the pin wash however which I was really pleased with as it added another aged layer to the armour. This was a mix of GW Athonian camoshade with a drop of gloss varnish and acrylic flow improver. This I applied to the creases and joins in all of the armour panels [...]

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Prologue: Steelheart’s Champions

Wednesday's stream will be the first in a series for the newly launched Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire arena miniatures game. I figured after my recent bout of Nurgle-loves-you-itis I'd take a bit of a break from the grimdark (*psst!* Not really a break; I just built a Plagueburst Crawler but that can be our little secret) and focus on something more light-hearted instead. Like Khorne blood sacrifices and skull-crushing hammers of Sigmar. I only picked up Shadespire a day ago so it still has the new box smell, but already the eight miniatures included are assembled and ready for paint. Being pre-coloured push-fit miniatures they can be used straight out of the box and I don't doubt many more interested in the deck building aspects of [...]

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WIP: Beastmen Gor Herd

Much to my surprise the weather's a bit of a corker today with blue skies and nary a cloud in sight. I'm not used to that for a UK Bank Holiday so whilst some lovely hangar and ribeye steaks marinade for the grill table later I've moved outside to assemble these chaps for an Age of Sigmar warscroll.  Glue now, beer later.

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