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The Cult of Paint

Cult of Paint is a painting tuition initiative formed in its inception by Henry Steele and Andy Wardle. Although a relatively new endeavour with 2018 their first full year event calendar, I previously had the pleasure of being taught tank and infantry painting techniques by Henry last year under the MKA Studio banner. For me last weekend's two day vehicle painting course at Incom Gaming was a chance to refresh and cement techniques previously covered, in addition to a few new tricks. I'm frequently asked whether these courses are worth investing in. I'll answer that with the images below, the first being an Alpha Legion Deimos painted by my friend who also attended. New to both airbrush painting and many of the techniques being taught [...]

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30K: Iteration two

Continuing with my (re)discovery of the Horus Heresy I spent the weekend adding a bit more flesh to the bones of my 30K collection plans. A few legions have now started to bubble to the top as I've been considering and discarding those that don't appeal to me as much from either a gaming or a painting perspective. The XIII Legion "Ultramarines" obviously I've already alluded to in my previous post and having the seeds of a force already done in the form of a handful of mixed-mark tactical, plus appropriate Rhino's and Land Raiders they can be considered the first legion I'll do for gaming. For one the Ultramarines have the benefit of already being featured in the core Forgeworld rulebook(s), so all I really need [...]

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