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Forces of Mortarion and the Death Guard in the grimdark universe

New year, new-old army

Admittedly late to the party, well for 40K at least, the Death Guard being very much last years story but in my defence I've been trying to workout how best to make use of my original 2003 Death Guard force making them relevant again. I'm not normally one for re-working a previously painted army as never feel revisiting an old project is as productive or engaging as starting a new one and often just leads to disappointment. Quite apart from my painting approach having changed significantly during the intervening years, the miniatures are a completely different aesthetic and palette incompatible with my current range. That being said I do love a challenge and still love the direction I went with my Death Guard fourteen years [...]

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Primaris: A flawed masterpiece

Actually another title could be "it's too bloody hot to hobby!". Being a Brit I'm unequipped to deal with the three days a year we actually have pleasant weather (circa 32 degrees). Aircon is something that happens at work not home, so suffice to say the man cave keeps being invaded by Hobbits trying to unmake gold rings, or some such nonsense. I've tried hobbying but it's not really working out so I'm resorting to working outside and bringing you, dear reader up to date with what I've been up to the past week because it's been quite the week. Oh I'll come back to that title and explain in due course. Last week was noteworthy for two reasons. One you probably know; the release [...]

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Just like the Death Guard themselves, there has been a slow but steady march of XIVth Legion across the painting table the past week. I've not had as much hobby time as I'd have liked due to work, but more than enough to get the heavy lifting done on the three Rapier Quad-mortars. Similar to the infantry I primed these black/grey and gave them a base of Vallejo Model Aged White before masking off to add the green markings in GW Castellan Green followed by GW Air Elysium Green. To help set up the weathering I applied patches of Vallejo masking fluid with an old brush and scrap of sponge before the green was airbrushed on so once dried the masking could be removed revealing the base [...]

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XIV Legion

A quick "state of play" update today. The Ultramarines have reached 90% completion with all 2500 points assembled and painted bar the Vorax. There are a few final weathering touches still to apply to the infantry, walkers and tanks which I'm purposefully leaving until after the MKA Painting event in June as it may change how I approach finishing the army. Plus it makes sense to apply any new skills I pick up. I will show the finished force here in detail after those last touches have been applied, so apologies to leave things hanging if you have been following my foray into 30K with the thirteenth legion, but I promise they will return in a couple of months in full ready for the Heresy Event weekend. [...]

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Legion double-down

It's far too nice weather to be inside, so naturally I am. At least until the beers have chilled and the pizza dough proved and then all bets are off. In the meantime however I've been doubling down on progress, pushing on with a new squad for the Ultramarines in the form of a Locutarus Storm squad, or at the very least my take on them. Predominantly I've used Mark IV as a base with the occasional Mark V field repair and used the Invictarii helmets which I think mark them out nicely as a XIII Legion specific unit.  Although the Mark IV Forgeworld jump packs would be the obvious choice I'm not a big fan of them on any Legion other than the Blood [...]

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Highway to the Hobbyzone

I'm not really one to get all juiced up about assembling flat-packed furniture, unless of course it's tiny little #Hobbyzone furniture which gives me more space in the workshop for even larger resin models. Now that I can get behind. Ok, not literally behind but who doesn't like bigger resin models right? On the hobby front I'm still pushing along nicely with the Ultramarines having broadly completed the Cataphractii Terminators, Whirlwind Scorpius, the Contemptor Talon and assembled the Caestus Assault 'bus' for the aforementioned Terminators. This is on the workbench as we speak for some quality time with the airbrush. I've also made a start on my final HQ unit, the Praevian Consul with Vorax maniple support. Fiddly little buggers to put together but [...]

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2003 Tournament Death Guard

Yesterday I kicked off the archive fortnight with Will Hayes 2002 UK GT Death Guard. I followed this up in 2003 at the UK GT Winter Finals with my own Death Guard, an army I both loved and hated in equal measure. I still have this army and if it wasn't for the huge number of other projects on the go would love to revisit it some day and both refine the paint job as well as introduce some new units which I've collected over the years. Although I don't actively play 40K anymore, it doesn't stop me from dipping into a background rich force like the Death Guard to indulge purely in the painting. This article was written shortly after the 2003 Finals. If anybody [...]

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2002 Tournament Death Guard

I'm going to kick the archive fortnight off with one of my favourite Death Guard armies of all time; Will Hayes 2002 UK GT Best Army Finalist. Even after thirteen years this still looks a great force and was the inspiration behind some of my own Death Guard units. Will sold the army not long after the tournament so no idea where it is now, but it was very eye-catching down to the palette. Of particular note is Will's use of a more bone white scheme which has much more of a link back to the original pre-Heresy colours. Considering this was done long before Forgeworld's 30K resurgence it was a nice touch. Anyway, back to 2002 ~ Generally the standard of armies in the [...]

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