Magnetic Contemptor

Super quick post today to show how I attach the weapon options to the Contemptors. I use 5mm x 1mm rare earth magnets and create recesses in the two parts shown using a Dremel and a small 5mm diameter grinding/sanding attachment. I recommend using the lowest speed setting and boring out the space for the magnet carefully and slowly as it's easy to over do it and bore a hole right the way through the gun mount. That would not be good and would probably result in the red helmet of censure (insert appropriate alternative Legion specific punishment of choice). You could of course simply glue the magnets to the parts as is, but that would create a 2mm+ additional collar which is fine as [...]

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The one about using the blog more

I've been avoiding the blog lately and just posting straight to the FB page. Partly because it's just that bit easier to share quick photos from the workbench, but mostly if I'm being honest because the fething database got corrupted by scrapcode and over 75% of the image links broke. No idea when, or why but it's a royal pain in the proverbials. Only seems to effect posts beyond a certain date but the fact it's there bugs the heck out of me. So I've been slowly fixing them. By hand. One-at-a-time by re-uploading and linking the images (where I have them). By now you should be getting a sense of my frustration and possibly understand why I've been avoiding the whole mess. But it's not [...]

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Highway to the Hobbyzone

I'm not really one to get all juiced up about assembling flat-packed furniture, unless of course it's tiny little #Hobbyzone furniture which gives me more space in the workshop for even larger resin models. Now that I can get behind. Ok, not literally behind but who doesn't like bigger resin models right? On the hobby front I'm still pushing along nicely with the Ultramarines having broadly completed the Cataphractii Terminators, Whirlwind Scorpius, the Contemptor Talon and assembled the Caestus Assault 'bus' for the aforementioned Terminators. This is on the workbench as we speak for some quality time with the airbrush. I've also made a start on my final HQ unit, the Praevian Consul with Vorax maniple support. Fiddly little buggers to put together but [...]

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XIII Legion – Week two

Back when I played 40K Breachers didn't really exit, but back during the Great Crusade and into the Horus Heresy they were most definitely a 'thing'. I couldn't really do a force from the thirteenth legion without including a unit of Breachers, for one they fit the Ultramarine aesthetic really well. Style wise the formation is a bit of a hodge-podge of the first Forgeworld boarding shields and weapons with the current (non-Ultramarine) Breacher set, which hadn't been released when I started these. I'd like to say they were an absolute joy to put together, but I'd be lying; they were an utter sod to get the guns and shields lined up in any way a satisfactory manner. The newer set was marginally better as the [...]

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XIII Legion – Week One

As promised here are the first two units getting ready for transit to Tarsiss, the Legions Tactical squads. Based (almost) entirely on the Mark IV plastic kit from the Betrayal at Calth boxed set with the exception of a couple of infiltrators based on Mark II and Mark V 'Heresy'. A good tip if you are about to embark on a new army for a specific event is start with the basics and get them out of the way first. Although it's always a temptation to begin with some of the cooler looking characters or the centre-piece vehicles and flyers there is a real risk fatigue will set in before you get to the 'rank and file' and once that motivation goes it's hard to get [...]

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Justice for Calth

The countdown clock has been set, muster called and oaths sworn. The seventh company will reinforce their brothers of the XIII Legion on Tarsiss IV for the taking of Nervia Glevensium in September. So I'd better get a bloody hurry-up painting them then. Yes, I've thrown my lot in to commit to painting (at least) 2500 points of Ultramarine Legion for a 30K Horus Heresy two day event in the autumn. Organised by Geno Five Two podcast and to be held at Incom Gaming in Cheltenham this will be the first time I've played 40K ... sorry, 30K for over a decade. I've a bit of catching up to do it's safe to say. Fortunately the local Heresy scene are a friendly bunch and I'm pretty confident I [...]

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After Calth & Tarssis

My renewed interest in grimdark, or more specifically the infinately more enjoyable period of the Horus Heresy (30K) has been monopolising on what little hobby time I've had this week. All work and no play as the saying goes, but unfortunately work I must and it's been particularly bruising fornight. Some highs but far too many lows. That being said, the weekend is here and my thought's again turn to Calth and the XIIIth Legion. That's Calth the boxed set and not specifically the events themselves. Still keeping an open mind how I want to theme my Ultramarines before locking them into a specific timeline of events. Since I last posted the excellent follow-up to The Horus Heresy: Betrayal at Calth has been released; The Burning [...]

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30K: Iteration one

I'm making progress with the whole 30K thing. Firstly I've learned that 'most' of the armour marks were available during the Horus Heresy era with the notable exception of the Mark VIII "Errant" (That's the ugly one with the high gorget) and the classic Aquila design being in limited supply late in the war and only available to those defending Terra. Obviously that means a large chunk of my existing Ultramarines can be pressed into service already, albeit stretching the canon to the max. This is doubly true as I had already been slowly seeding older armour types into the 40K list anyway in the form of 'relics' just for looks. This was where I left them a few years back (by a few years [...]

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Knight Errant Part Two

I know the Imperial Knight from Games Workshop is old news and has been done to death on the interwebs pretty much since the day it was released. However, it's still the first plastic kit (from GW) in what seems like an eternity I've actually liked and painting it has been a complete joy. The reason I've decided to include it here is because as a large kit with a lot of different surfaces and areas of interest on it there were a few painting techniques that really brought the best out of the model and it's these I wanted to talk about a bit more in both the video and content below. With the layers of underlying articulation and exo-frame, metallics make up [...]

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WIP: Imperial Knight Errant

Two years, or possibly more have passed since I last painted anything for 40K by my reckoning. Partly that's because other games have fired my interest more of late, but also because Games Workshop 'Studio' have been steadily pushing 40K design aesthetics in a direction I don't really like. I single out the 'Studio' because I don't feel the same is the case with Forgeworld who seem to have a more focussed vision with the Heresy Era range; everything seems to fit with a tighter look and feel engineering wise. There is a reason something looks the way it does and that is as much to do with the practicality of mechanics and engineering as it is to do with aesthetics. With that in mind, the Imperial Knight was [...]

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