Epic: Tau Orca

Another one of those "blast from the past" Dropship archive posts from yesteryear, this time for an Epic scale Tau Orca. First seen in the Relic/THF game “Firewarrior” and produced by Forge World, the Orca is the Tau Empires primary military Dropship. With a largo cargo bay capable of holding over thirty Tau troops, Crisis Battlesuits and Drones, the Orca, along with the massive Manta Destroyer spearheads Tau planetary assaults. The Orca shown here is one produced by Forge World as an exact Epic scale replica of it’s larger 40K cousin. The kit is very straightforward to assemble, however there are a few tips worth bearing in mind if you want to get the most out of the model. Engines The Orca has four main [...]

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Chaos Legions: Epic Death Wheel

Another Epic blast from the past. I originally published this a decade ago on 'Dropship'  and is one of the posts I brought across as part of the old sites retirement. As a result many of the images won't be that high a quality by today's standards. That's progress for you ~ CW. The Chaos Death Wheel is a mad creation spawned from the mind of Audrey, who created a simple, but fabulously striking design of the massive Chaos War Engine. You can see more of Audrey's fantastic models on her site, but in the meantime, as she suggested gathering up any painted Death Wheels based on her design for her website, I thought it a jolly good idea to create one. I then rather stupidly gave myself two [...]

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Epic: Swordwind Guardian Host

Although a lot of my attention recently has been spent on Infinity and in particular ensuring I painted the starter army, I haven't forgotten about my mini Epic revival. Since re-painting the Phantom and Warp Hunters I've been considering sticking with the Eldar and seeing about turning them into a full blown game-ready force. This won't be quite as extreme as the Ultramarine Winter Challenge I set myself a few years back, but I do hope to keep a steady flow of Epic moving across the workbench on a more consistent basis. If for no other reason than I still get a lot of pleasure painting and gaming in that scale. The Guardian Host is just the start of that and consists of six units [...]

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Creating Objectives for Epic

I originally published this article on Dropship in the 90's and is part of the archives I brought across when the site was retired. As a result many of the images won't be that high a quality by today's standards. That's progress for you ~ CW Objectives play a huge part in games of Epic Armageddon, so it's well worth creating your own unique pieces to go with your armies. Simple to make they can be anything from a small wood or fuel depot, to mini dioramas in their own right. This article looks at just a few examples of what can be made with a little imagination and a bits box. Games of Epic Armageddon aren’t just about annihilating your opponents army (although it helps), [...]

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Making Blast Markers

I originally published this article on Dropship in the 90's and is part of the archives I brought across when the site was retired. As a result many of the images won't be that high a quality by today's standards. That's progress for you ~ CW Terrain making for me is almost as much fun as collecting and painting an army, so it probably doesn't come as a surprise to learn that making my own blast markers for my games was high on the list of priorities of things to do for the launch of Epic. I've found over the past twenty years that how you game is almost as individual as how you paint or field an army. I've played against gamers who meticulously use specific tokens as [...]

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Epic Eldar Warp Hunters

Working back in 6mm scale and in particular on restoring older miniatures has brought back a lot of nostalgia for me, so I'm going to stick with it for a while and play around with a few other units for the Eldar. Two miniatures that went into the 'dip' shortly after the Phantom were a pair of Space Marine era Warp Hunters. These go to show just how long ago a lot of the vehicles many think of as new for 40K or from Forgeworld were actually devised decades ago for Epic in the 80's and 90's. They may not represent the current 40K aesthetic but that doesn't mean they can't benefit from an up to date paint scheme and add a bit of originality [...]

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Epic Eldar Phantom Titan

Four short evenings after dunking that old Epic Phantom Titan into the paint stripper I find myself with a completely refurbished War Engine sporting a new livery. Which is nice considering it was something of a spur of the moment project. I've always meant to revisit the Eldar Titans at some stage as I haven't in all honesty painted any since doing the ones for the Swordwind Supplement around ten years ago. This gave me the opportunity to change a couple of things I would have done differently if I was doing them again, in particular the palette. When I painted the Phantom and Revenants, the brief was to strongly theme them for Biel-Tan to match the content of the book. In hindsight I don't [...]

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On the Workbench – Week 25

Another eclectic, but productive mix over the weekend with miniatures from Battlefront, 4Ground, Fantasy Flight and even some very old 1st edition Epic from Games Workshop. I don't often get a chance to put in a serious hobby-session over the course of a weekend, but as it was the '24 Heures du Mans' and I'm a huge fan of the iconic event I fancied putting in an equally long stint or two whilst enjoying watching Porsche take the fight to Audi. Another factor was the weather which impacted my plans to varnish the Tablescape tiles I was working on so I had time spare to just pick things I wanted (needed) to be painting instead. Starting with the smallest first, I have a game of 'Armada' coming up [...]

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Phantom Restoration

I was supposed to be working on the second set of four Tablescape panels today but the weather turned a bit nasty before I could get them primed. So instead I've fished an original Epic Phantom Titan out of the 'Dettol' bath to see what I can do with it. If you follow my Instagram posts you will have seen I spotted this chap whilst rummaging around yesterday evening in one of the lesser frequented recesses of the bits boxes. I must have painted this over twenty years ago so it was looking rather chipped, dusty and in a bit of a sorry state. No good miniature ever needs to go to waste and that is doubly true for anything out of production like the Phantom (or pretty [...]

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