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UCM Digital Camo for Dropzone Commander

If there's been a theme to this weekends painting it's probably "multi-tasking". With a number of projects needing curing time between priming or varnishing, I've been jumping back and forth between three different miniatures over the course of the two days. For Flames it's been the Vietnam Huey "Hog" and at the other end of the spectrum a Covenant bust for the forthcoming Halo Fleet Battles game due out in the summer. Both I'll cover in their own respective posts once they are complete, but for this update I'm focusing on the three UCM test miniatures for Dropzone Commander. This isn't especially new news as I started them quite some time back, but I've finally gotten around to completing them fully so now have a [...]

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In the 4Ground

It's Easter weekend so that's an extra two whole days I can sneak off into the man cave for as predictably in the UK the bank holiday weekend weather is dismal and grey. No surprises there then. With no BBQ in sight I've been pressing on with more units for Dropzone Commander, this time another heavy armour unit for the Scourge, some unpleasant razor worm infantry, a Commander for the Shaltari and finally some UCM! It's only a palette test to try out a digital-camo scheme on a resin version of a Bear APC, but so far I'm liking how its turning out. I can see it contrasting really nicely with the orange and black of the Shaltari particularly well, so should look great on the tabletop. [...]

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Scourge Slayers

These weren't part of the plan for last weekend, however the Scourge are so easy to paint method wise they're one of those projects you can really easily just slip into any painting session whilst held up waiting for other stuff to dry/cure/set. The other 'stuff' in this instance was an AT-ST for Imperial Assault, but that's a story for another night. The Scourge Slayers are part of the first wave of reinforcements for my fledgeling Scourge invasion force and help plug a gap in my heavy armour much in the same way the Caiman has for the Shaltari. I followed exactly the same method I did for the rest of the force with one minor change and that was to weight the balance towards the blue end of the [...]

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Shaltari Caiman

It's been something of a weekend of two halves as both Imperial Assault and Dropzone Commander have been trading time on the painting station. As a result I'm going to split this weeks posts into a series of smaller updates starting with the Shaltari Caiman Heavy Grav Tank for Dropzone. I mentioned in the last post how I've been following the Studio palette for the Shaltari and making heavy use of Baal red wash over a yellow basecoat and nowhere is the effect better demonstrated than on the 'Caiman' with it's large surface area. The Shaltari are slightly different to the other races in that they use 'gates' rather than dropships, so from a modelling perspective you don't have the ability to actually carry the vehicles around like you [...]

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Shaltari Starter Army

Over at the Beasts of War studios the guys are having a Dropzone Commander Boot Camp weekend, which I have to say looks like a total blast if the live blogging is anything to go by. I would have loved to attend as it really got my tournament hobby genes tingling, but it's not to be. That said, I do have something of a free pass this weekend as far as the workshop goes and the frequent DzC updates from Warren and the gang has got me fired up to crack on with the Shaltari. If you were hoping for some more Imperial Assault updates then fear not, those are coming along nicely also and I hope to have the last of the Stormtroopers and [...]

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DZC: Scourge Desolator

The Scourge Desolator is the largest vehicle/flyer I have painted thus far for Dropzone Commander. It's an imposing ship with its distictive downward facing 'arms' surrounding and one assumes focusing the power of its vast Ion Storm Generator. Being a lot larger than the other ships I didn't think the pale palette suited the large upper surface areas of the hull as much so I spent a bit more time blending in blue and black washes around the front sensors to give it a more sinister appearance. I'm still not 100% sure I like the overall look and may revisit, or darken the palette a bit further to give it the more menacing presence as befits the invasion command ship. For now though it's game ready which was [...]

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Prowlers and Intruders

Sticking with the theme of the Scourge for now I've been getting on with the reinforcements. Prowlers packs are the smallest of the Scourge vehicles and are deployed slung underneath Intruder Beta light dropships to perform forward scouting and anti-armour ambush roles. As with the rest of the forces they were painted using layers of sepia, red and blue washes blended with bone and pale yellow drybrushing. The eye sensors were painted in a regal blue with highlighting and given two coats of  gloss varnish to make them stand out much in the same way you would for sensor lens glass or gemstones. Each of the tiny Prowlers was fitted with a small 2mm x 1mm magnet in the top, as were the lift points on the Intruders (taking care to ensure all magnets [...]

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Ground Zero: The Scourge

As I mentioned last week, I've finally broken the seal on the Dropzone Commander two player starter set. It's been sitting on my shelf for over a year now so it was long overdue. This is a game I've really wanted to get into pretty much since launch, but have never got further than the rulebook. Partly it has been because other projects just kept taking precedence, but if I'm being truly honest it's been because I couldn't settle on a colour palette for the forces. Yes, really. So I've decided to be pragmatic and focus on some quick methods instead that lend themselves to the two alien forces in particular; the 'Shaltari' and 'Scourge'. Although the outward appearance of the Scourge tech would heavily suggest [...]

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Cometh the apocalypse

No, this has nothing to do with the release of 40K seventh edition; that hasn't really registered on my radar just yet to be honest. This is actually all about Dropzone Commander, or more specifically the universe it occupies. Hawk Wargames 10mm scale sci-fi game has been slowly but surely infiltrating my painting plans for best part of a year. Every time I'm about to fully launch into it however, it always seems to get pushed back again in favour of another project, be that Lord of the Rings, Deadzone, Flames of War or even 40K (yes, I do still paint the occasional piece). It's not that I don't like DZC; quite the opposite I love it. It's just that when I start planning how to paint the [...]

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Halcyon days and hot summers, almost.

If you are a Brit, you are no doubt weather obsessed right now and probably either watching, or dodging the prolific summer games coverage (which is actually rather awesome I must admit). Traditionally this isn’t a good time of the year for me for painting as let’s be honest, it's either a time for gaming, or being outside, or doing pretty much anything other than sit in a stuffy workshop watching paint dry. Normally, that would be the case. This year however I have unusually managed to carry over a degree of momentum into the summer. In part due to all the ongoing projects I am enjoying right now, but also the plethora of new games and miniature ranges that are springing up left and [...]

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