That’s my local gaming sorted then Cannot recommend Incom Gaming highly enough, absolute gem of a venue tucked away in the South West with a vibrant and friendly community that's growing rapidly. Also a Heresy Age of Darkness gaming powerhouse courtesy of Tom and Stu from the Geno Five-Two podcast. Recommended.

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In defence of ‘restic’

A short post today as I just finished the first four of Mantic's orx for my Deadzone Marauder faction. Whilst painting them it occurred to me what a bad rep resin-plastic seems to get, quite a bit of it unfairly in my opinion. So this week I have thrown together a video case for the defence standing up for the poor maligned material. Will everyone agree with me? Almost certainly not, but I still felt it worth attempting to debunk a few myths anyway based on my own experience. Regardless whether you agree of not about the material, the first group is done so I shall be prepping at least one of the Marauder exo-suits to add to this mob. With a fistful [...]

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Knight Errant Part Two

I know the Imperial Knight from Games Workshop is old news and has been done to death on the interwebs pretty much since the day it was released. However, it's still the first plastic kit (from GW) in what seems like an eternity I've actually liked and painting it has been a complete joy. The reason I've decided to include it here is because as a large kit with a lot of different surfaces and areas of interest on it there were a few painting techniques that really brought the best out of the model and it's these I wanted to talk about a bit more in both the video and content below. With the layers of underlying articulation and exo-frame, metallics make up [...]

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