UCM Digital Camo for Dropzone Commander

If there's been a theme to this weekends painting it's probably "multi-tasking". With a number of projects needing curing time between priming or varnishing, I've been jumping back and forth between three different miniatures over the course of the two days. For Flames it's been the Vietnam Huey "Hog" and at the other end of the spectrum a Covenant bust for the forthcoming Halo Fleet Battles game due out in the summer. Both I'll cover in their own respective posts once they are complete, but for this update I'm focusing on the three UCM test miniatures for Dropzone Commander. This isn't especially new news as I started them quite some time back, but I've finally gotten around to completing them fully so now have a [...]

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More Middle Earth

If you recall earlier in the year I looked at how Gale Force Nine's Battlefield in a Box ruins could be enhanced with a few extra painting steps and techniques to create something equally appropriate for a Middle Earth table. Well, I've been at it again with the remaining three pieces, only this time I decided to try and capture some of the process on video at the same time. The details and photos are also included below for those who would rather not listen to my soporific rambling, for the rest take it away, err me. The stages I used are broadly the same as those I described in the original post: Battlefield in a Box Repainted but I will quickly summarise them again below:- Airbrush [...]

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Cometh the apocalypse

No, this has nothing to do with the release of 40K seventh edition; that hasn't really registered on my radar just yet to be honest. This is actually all about Dropzone Commander, or more specifically the universe it occupies. Hawk Wargames 10mm scale sci-fi game has been slowly but surely infiltrating my painting plans for best part of a year. Every time I'm about to fully launch into it however, it always seems to get pushed back again in favour of another project, be that Lord of the Rings, Deadzone, Flames of War or even 40K (yes, I do still paint the occasional piece). It's not that I don't like DZC; quite the opposite I love it. It's just that when I start planning how to paint the [...]

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Battlefield in a Box re-painted

If like me you are something of a mature hobby grognard, you may have found you’re obsessing more about hobby efficiency these days. By that I refer to extracting the maximum out of the time spent preparing armies and environments for battle in order to proportionally spend more time gaming. I love assembling and painting miniatures and terrain; it’s still the greater part of the hobby for me. But as I have gotten older I’ve found I’m keen to explore more efficient ways of bringing my armies to the table fully painted. I’m not talking about cutting corners, but about finding balance between what satisfies me as a painter and techniques that speeds up the process. A good example of this is my increased use [...]

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Land Raider walkthrough

My Epic Ultramarines Winter Challenge has reached that interesting point where I am starting to repeat units in order to fill out the allocations of core infantry and tanks. In an earlier post you will have seen I have now added a second Tactical Detachment, along with its pre-requisite transport. This time it is the turn of the Land Raiders again as I add another detachment of four. Although Space Marines are generally pretty uniform in appearance, especially in a scale like Epic, there is always that desire to ensure there is at least some small visual marker that will set them apart from all their other uniform brothers. I find the challenge of adding that little twist of character to be the most fun [...]

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