All this was fields and trees

Yesterday I posted my opening skirmish for the WWPD.net and Battlefront global campaign “Operation Overlord”. That included almost all of the 15mm scale terrain I have to date, the game and scale being largely new to me. Clearly if I am to make this an engaging set of games and scenarios throughout the five or so weeks of the campaign I am going to have to rustle up a variety of cover and garnishing for the gaming table pronto! Keeping to the basics for now I made a list of what really was essential in order to simulate the verdant fields of Normandy. Pretty much at the top of that list (not counting the infamous local bocage) was trees. Without trees any battlefield was going [...]

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Constructing the Alabaster

Or is that the "Sin of Damnation"? Way back in the dim and distant past, I started a terrain project to replicate the Space Hulk corridor and room sections in three-dimensions as modular terrain sections. Easily distracted as I am, it is one of the longest running terrain projects I have ever commenced. Although no signs of reaching its end goal quite just yet, new sections do get added to the set from time to time. So why the sudden re-interest? Well, it occurred to me that it would not be a huge leap to modify a few of the sections and make them usable for the forthcoming "Sedition Wars" boxed set in exactly the same way as I intended for Space Hulk. The more I thought [...]

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Call Harry Stamper

I have been doing a bit of forward planning this week. Nothing drastic, just trying to keep the momentum going while I work my way through the Ultramarine assault squad currently on the painting table. Hobby time has been at a bit of a premium this past week as there have been a few jobs around the house that couldn't be ignored anymore. Actually, technically they are 'outside' the house but lets not split hairs. So, last month I showed the Babylon 5 ships I was speed painting up to get some games in with Kev at some stage. These are progressing much to plan and although nothing much to look at currently, are adequate enough to game with. What it has left me however [...]

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