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Tarssis 4 – The Betrayal at Modgud Prime

The tickets for the next Tarssis 4 Horus Heresy narrative event hosted by Geno Five Two have gone up and at time of writing 30 mins later there is one solitary space left. After missing the doubles event in February I was super keen to get back on the Tarssis trail and bring a whole new heresy force to the ongoing campaign. To the best of my knowledge I'm in and so it's locked down; my seventeenth Legion 'Word Bearers' now need to be stepped right up in the painting schedule. Between now and July I have a 3000 point list to design, assemble and fully paint including any 'extras' I may take along, for two days of frontline and zone mortalis narrative gaming [...]

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Legion Stormtroopers

They are the faceless foot soldiers of the Empire and as someone whose childhood was shaped by Star Wars and the image of white-armoured Stormtroopers patrolling Mos Eisley I love the design of these guys. Fantasy Flight has nailed the look of them in Star Wars Legion and even given a nice tongue in cheek nod to their legendary accuracy (or lack thereof) in the 'Precise' keyword. In the first couple of streams prior to the launch weekend as I raced through painting the core boxed set I didn't pause to take any photographs of the finished result. Or at least mostly finished result as I still need to add a couple of finishing touches to the bases and the weathering. White can be a [...]

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Force Friday #2 – The Rebellion

My second 'Force Friday' got off to a great start after spending a day gaming over at the FLGS where the Imperial gang scooped up a couple of things for their barrack walls. A great days gaming which was finished off by me rushing back to stream the next wave of trouble makers for Fantasy Flight's Star Wars: Legion; the Rebels. Loved painting these every bit as much, if not more than the Stormtroopers. Only one mis-pack which was fortunately one of the heavy gunner upgrades so not critical to gaming leaving me free to smash through the first two corps units. You can see how I got on in the second of my Legion streams below which is now available on YouTube. [...]

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Season Three: EP04 – Necron repaint

Double post inbound! With the release of Forgebane I parked the Word Bearers in order to get some off-stream prep and assembly work completed and dug out my old Necron minis from ages past. They were speed painted to a basic tabletop standard originally but never really taken any further or fleshed out (pardon the pun) into a viable gaming list. With the extra units in Forgebane it seemed an ideal opportunity to take another look at them and see if they could be completed at pace using a minimal amount of extra effort on the existing paint scheme. For this live stream I added a few extra metal effects and simple glazes to lift them again from the dul finish they had but [...]

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Force Friday #1 – Painting Stormtroopers

With the release of Star Wars: Legion by Fantasy Flight Games on the 23rd March, #ForceFriday has become my new 'thing'. In the very first of my Star Wars Friday streams I cracked open the core box and immediately started on the Empire's finest, or at least most numerous. White armour is not one of my favourites to paint, but I really enjoyed working my way through the two squads plus upgrades that come in the core box. Reminder: There will be no stream this coming Wednesday (4th April) unfortunately, but I will be back with the next Force Friday and the Rebel troopers as usual. The next update will also include last Fridays Rebel stream (sounds more rebellious than it really [...]

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Season Three: EP03 – Breacher shields

I'm giving the Dreadnought a break in order to progress with the metal areas and subframe. In the meantime I'm dealing with the first batch of the Breacher shields and the thorny problem of how to make the runes stand out, but not stand out 'too' much at the same time. More experiments with metals but no clear colours this time. Yet!

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Season Three: EP02 – Leviathan Continued

Continuing the early sub-assembly stages on the Word Bearers Leviathan Dreadnought for the Horus Heresy. Commencing laying down the base metals on the joints and frame. Now available on YouTube. Summary to date: The Forgeworld Leviathan is fantastic kit for a painter simply because it is the Dreadnought with the largest flat surfaces which makes it ideal for bigger decals or marks, exactly what I want for the Word Bearers. That bulk however does make it fiddly to get at all of the details when fully assembled so I have started with a really stripped down sub-assembly, more than I would normally for a kit. This let me get the main sarcophagus and torso section painted with the head separate and then [...]

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Season Three: EP01 – Leviathan

Kicking off season three with the early work on a Word Bearers Leviathan Dreadnought for the Horus Heresy. Experimentation with layering waterslide transfers under the clear coats and weathering to create a tinted effect and depth to the metallics. Now available on YouTube.

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Winter cleanout

Site News If you are reading this then hopefully it won't have escaped your attention I've been giving the old site a long overdue overhaul. With the move to a streaming format I wanted to strip back the blog to a simple format and build out some proper galleries in support of the channel. It also has to said creates a somewhat nicer browsing experience with more photos/less guff. He says. Sadly it didn't come free, whatever does? But I'm considering it a good investment in the channel as it lets me add all sorts of whizzy galleries far far easier than before, which means less hacking about code and more hacking up miniatures. That's got to be a good thing. [...]

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Excuse my dust

I'm giving the site a complete overhaul so please excuse any temporary loss of content, warping of reality or unexpected post emails (my bad!). Normality will be resumed just as soon as I work out what is normal anyway. Until then this is (hopefully) somewhat functional.

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